Designer bargain? You need to shop at TK Maxx

TK Maxx from the outside doesn’t really look that appealing and perhaps when you first walk into the store you have this “OMG where do I start?!” feeling.

Here are my top tips for spotting a designer bargain or two, next time your shopping in there:

  • Don’t go with the intention of purchasing something specific – you’ll just get frustrated and give up
  • TK Maxx is great for the simple things like handbags, purses, shoes, sportswear & perfume
  • If you see it, and you like it, then buy it! – it will not be there in a day or two!
  • Don’t just buy it because it’s cheap – if it’s not fulfilling an existing gap in your wardrobe then question if you really need it?!
  • Be prepared to buy out of season – I bought my wellies on one of the hottest and driest days of the year
  • TK Maxx is also very good for homeware
  • If you spot damaged on your item – be sure to ask for extra discount!
  • Not every TK Maxx is the same – I find some better than others – my favourites are St Albans and London Colney
These Birkenstocks should have been £40, I paid £25
Mid-calf Hunter Boots, normally £59.99, I paid £35

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