Sosandar Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress

Denim – a material originally used for men’s garments only, because these strong hard-working men needed strong hard-working garments to last them. Denim was never ever intended for women until some mere fifty years had passed, and quite possibly the rebellion of women wanting the vote along with a new and more fun era of the 1920’s started to see ladies wear jeans as part of their leisurewear, made popular by the Americans.

The era that made denim desirable, sexy and the staple that we know today is all down to the sixties, again led by Americans and their passion for movies, this period saw the rise of denim, it was about to become big, so powerful in fact that it’s never gone out of fashion.

Sosandar Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress

Now everyone will tell you there is nothing quite like owning the right pair of jeans, we all stick by our favourite brands once we have found the right style and fit and we are not easily persuaded away from them.

It’s also felt that shopping for a new pair of jeans is the hardest challenge of them all – and over the next few weeks I will be taking on this challenge to start finding some good new jeans to invest in.

Sosandar Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress

Invest?! Yes that’s right, denim comes in a variety of garments that you can have a lot of fun wearing. Get the right pieces for your wardrobe and you’ll be wearing them year after year. Today’s blog is to look at denim as a key player in your wardrobe, how you can dress it up or down and why you should not get rid of it.

Sosandar Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress


So let’s start with the denim dress, these can come in various lengths of mini, knee-length and maxi. Mini and maxi are definitely your weekend options, but if you opt for a knee-length dress, one with structure and definition, then you could wear this to the office if you have a business casual dress code.

I personally prefer my denim for dresses to be on the stiffer side, this keeps your dress in a nice shape, it will minimise creases from driving or sitting at your desk plus if you are hourglass or pear shape it will hold you in at the waist and you will not need a belt.

For the office I would suggest heeled boots and on cold days opt for opaque tights. A more casual look for weekend is to wear to pumps, and white pumps are one of the best options to really get the indigo blue out out of the dress.

The dress above is from Sosandar, they have a number of denim dresses to offer. I also have one from Whistles which is now about four years old and I still get lots of compliments for it.

These are the two brands I recommend if you’ve never owned one, they wash well, they keep their shape and if it is your first time, opt for a dark blue, don’t go too light.


I’m going to leave this one for today, I have an exciting blog coming up later this week, and more later this month. As I mentioned before jeans come in so many different colours and styles they need dedicated blogs all to themselves! But yes your wardrobe needs a pair!


Well this one is garment that comes in and out of fashion. Now is the time to invest should you want to try this out, come twelve months, I doubt it will be as popular. So don’t spend too much but do think about style, fit and overall look.

If you have a waistline, then make sure you get one with the belt and synch it in as tightly as you can to create shape. Again I would recommend purchasing one with a slightly thicker denim so that it keeps it shape around your bum and it doesn’t sag.

Now I know this one below from Topshop has been criticised for the denim being very stiff and some people have felt uncomfortable with it when they tried it on, but after a few washes the stiffness has reduced but thankfully the shape has remained.


I have always owned one, and my ‘current’ one is nearly twenty years old! I was 28 and in New York city on business, I had next to no money because I had just purchased my first house and yet I found myself in Bloomingdales looking at a designer DKNY denim jacket that had been reduced and it fitted me.

I purchased said jacket and I felt very guilty. I knew I would be judged buying it at a time when I truly couldn’t afford it. But my investment has paid off.

I wear this denim jacket all the time with such pride, as the years go past and it gets older, I seem to love it more. And for the most part it goes with pretty much every dress and skirt I own. I do wear it with jeans, but never my blue jeans.

So my recommendation to you is to find one that fits you like a glove, and then cherish it. You truly do not need to own loads (unless denim jackets are your thing) but if you don’t have one, then give them a go, it’s great item to dress down dresses, it’s perfect for travelling and it hardly creases so you can tuck it away in your tote bag when you don’t need it.


Oh this is so perfect for summer, again opt for what ever length keeps you happy and team it up with cotton vests and pumps for day or silky camis and high-heeled sandals for evening. I’m also partial to a high wedge sandal and that shoe can take you day to night.

I have in the past used mini denim skirts as a cover up on the beach with my bikinis and a white cotton tee, it’s handy if you are heading straight to the bar from the beach as you are a little more dressed up.

So you see denim is such a versatile item to own, and it comes in many options, shapes, designs, colours and fits. I love blue denim, it’s probably my most favourite out of them all. I do tend to lean on lighter blue in the summer but I wear indigo blue all year round.

Do spend well on denim, cheap denim doesn’t last and it will over time it will lose its shape.


Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress

Sosandar Indigo Western 3/4 Sleeve Denim Dress


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The Sosandar denim dress photos were taken by Sarah Rider Photography

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