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It’s so important to get the most wear out of every item you buy; and a fun beachy style playsuit can be more than just for the day. I have recently purchased this gorgeous chiffon playsuit from the H&M Conscious range, it’s not available in every store but it is currently online. But before I get into the detail what is H&M Conscious?



In the buzz of sustainable fashion, from what I can see on their website these products from H&M contain a bigger share of recycled or sustainably sourced materials than their other products. In their own words, this is what they have to say:

“These types of materials are better for the environment because they use less water, energy and chemicals than conventional materials and therefore have less of a negative impact on our planet.

Most Conscious products contain at least 50% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials – in fact many contain 100% – but there are some exceptions due to technological limitations. For example, to ensure product quality and durability, the maximum share of recycled cotton we can currently use in a garment is 20%. We are however, working with new innovations to increase this share as soon possible.”





HM Brown playsuit Lizzi Richardson


Now back to styling… if (like me) you are huge fan of jumpsuits then a playsuit is a great summer option. I’m personally not that keen on wearing shorts, but what I like about this chiffon playsuit is that it actually looks like a short dress and yet I feel confident in it because I know these shorts are keeping my modesty in tact! During the summer we can get invited to many outdoor leisurely events; bbq’s, picnics, school fetes to name a few and for these sometimes you want to be stylishly casual and I think a playsuit really ticks this box.

Add a little more fun to the look by incorporating some jewellery that perhaps you wouldn’t typically wear during the working week – I am loving shell jewellery, a big trend this summer and it’s gives a playful beachy vibe to this daytime look. Here you can see I’ve included a shell anklet from Topshop and the Rhi Shell bracelet from Toria Lee Accessories teamed with my tan brown accessories.; this playsuit doesn’t come with a belt, but I have added one to not only enhance my waistline but to tie in with my Zara tan sandals from last year – which will very much be worn again this summer.

Another fun way to add more colour is to tie a scarf onto your bag handle, it just makes the whole look a little more thought through.



Shell bracelet with tan and brown accessories


Shell anklet with tan sandals



I’ll admit it’s a tad daring to wear a playsuit on a night out, but once you team it with a blazer and some heels – it suddenly feels like a very different outfit. A look that would be a lot of fun on a night out with the girls.


HM brown playsuit evening look



When taking a day look to night you simply want to think about swapping! Keep it simple, and elevate every item you’ve worn during the day. So let’s break this down, starting from the top!

My day look has no earrings (or imagine that you only had small studs in), here I’ve added statement gold dangly earrings from the latest collection by Janis Foale to really be a feature of my ‘night’ look. I swapped the casual daytime rope belt to another slimline belt, but this is in a more premium material of suede.

I’ve ditched the daytime netting bag and scarf and opted for my green gold chain cross-body bag, worn previously at Style St Albans, the gold chain matches in with my jewellery and the suedette bag material compliments the belt – green is also a fantastic colour to pair up with earthy tones. I have removed all the shell jewellery and swapped them for gold bangles keeping in with the gold evening theme, and to really take this look up a grade I’ve continued with these fabulous gold platform wedges. Of an evening, I rarely ever go out in flats, the lowest I will consider is kitten heels adding height makes me feel ready for a night out!

And to finish the whole look off, I am wearing my white blazer, yes the one I wear to the office during the week! Simply scrunch the sleeves up to show off your bracelets and you are ready to go!




H&M Chiffon Playsuit – £24.99





River Island Gold metallic rope tie-up espadrille wedges – £55


Gold wedges



Brown and tan accessories


ASOS Pimkie braided wooden handle bag in brown – Was £13, now £11

Yellow and Brown scarf is from H&M, I can’t see it online – I purchased in store at £6.99


Janis Foale Jewellery Gold Disc Earrings


Foales Jewellery – Gold Disc Earrings – £36

Circle cut pattern in soft brushed Gold Vermeil – Total drop 8.5 mm



More to follow later this week on shell jewellery, so be sure to look out for that – it’s a huge trend this summer!


All photos of Lizzi Richardson in this post have been taken by Sarah Rider Photography



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