Corduroy is a huge trend this Autumn and whilst earthy tones would be the most natural choice, it’s pink that has taken over the high street! Available in jackets, trousers and also the pinafore dress which is another big trend this Autumn – you’ve got a lot of choice if you fancy giving this one a go.

Pink Corduroy

So whilst I had thought I would be spending on a little pink faux fur coat, I’ve currently parked (not stopped – LOL) that idea (possibly the warm weather is making me feel like this) and purchased this gorgeous double-breasted pink corduroy blazer from & Other Stories. The same brand that I got my fabulous leopard print dress from. I’ve yet to really wear it but I already know it’s a 10/10 from me – I just love it.

Here I have teamed it with a motto t-shirt, blue jeans and some pink faux suede shoes. The white tee is allowing me to still mix in my white accessories, something I’m not yet prepared to give up for Autumn. I’ve then added my old leopard print (with a touch of hot pink) silk scarf just to get a hint of the animal print trend in too.

Pink accessories


All photos from PINTEREST


  • Don’t be scared to try this trend – it’s a great one for the weekend when the natural vibe of styling is a lot less pressure
  • You will be surprised just how much it goes with – denim, navy, grey, leopard print and more!
  • And if it doesn’t go, sometimes a clash adds more style anyway
  • Pick an item that you know you will wear a lot – I needed a jacket… but I am tempted too with trousers
  • Corduroy is one of the perfect winter warmers so this trend should see you all the way through to March (and possibly beyond)

& Other Stories

Double Breasted Corduroy Blazer


(I shouldn’t be telling you this…as this post is about pink corduroy – but they also do it in a gorgeous navy with trousers too… perfect for the office!)


Red Herring Collection

Pale pink cord pinny dress


I saw this whilst shopping this weekend, I thought this was just fab!


Borg Lined Corduroy Jacket


& Other Stories
Cropped Wide Corduroy Trousers

These go with the jacket I bought… a potential suit if you want to do head to toe!

Corduroy straight trousers

ASOSMax & Co Corduroy A-Line Dress

River Island
Pink corduroy diamante embellished shirt

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