My travel essentials – via Lovedbylizzi on Instagram

The last few blog posts have included my fabulous Ted Baker camel coat; and I wasn’t planning on blogging about it again until I saw a number of articles this week about Victoria Beckham and her stylish chic camel coat that she wore whilst travelling.

Vogue describes her looks as “chic and cozy” and points out her leopard print bag.  This image is from Vogue and you can read the full article here.

Being a huge fan of VB, I’m quite pleased she is copying me, but she’s actually copying me twice!!  My recent Instagram image from Venice that shows my Linea leopard print bag – one of my essentials for when I travel!  I love leopard print as it mixes in well whatever your wearing, black, camel or denim.  I use this bag for airport travel, on the beach, shopping or sometimes as an overnight bag – it’s my go to bag!

So it looks like camel and leopard print is very much in…. I just may need to invest in some camel trousers 😉

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