Chantelle Lingerie – It’s time to get Sporty!

When I visited Chantelle Lingerie, I got the chance to try on their recently launched Sports Bra – and I simply loved it!  It was a great firm fit and I felt that I would be able to run, jump or skip and know that my breasts would be protected from any tissue damage.  And so I treated myself to this sports bra and I opted for one in the colour grey.

I received it a couple of weeks and I love it!  The cross section at the back ensure a firm support; and I now feel I could do anything whilst wearing this sports bra, which is great as without the support I find some activities can be quite painful and in the past I’ve worn both a sports bra and a sports top with bra support!!  Not much fun.

Why is it important to wear a top quality sports bra?

  • Most obvious – to avoid pain!
  • To be comfortable
  • Enhance your sports performance
  • When you walk you breasts move up and down & side to side by as much as 4cm.  When you run or exercise this can increased to 15-21 cm
  • Small breasts should be protected just as much as larger breast sizes
  • Protect yourself from tissue damage – Think about it… imagine an elastic band with a bag of sugar hanging at the end, and then imagine it swaying from side to side – what will happen to the elastic band over time?  It will become loose and lose it’s elasticity  which cannot be reverted unless you have surgery – take care and look after your breast tissue.

So make sure you try before you buy!  Have a think about how many you will need, especially as your bra needs to rest for a day to help the fabrics and materials recover. And it’s important for replace them regularly, Chantelle recommend every 6-12 months.

You can purchase Chantelle lingerie from Independents across the country – just check their website for a list.

You can also buy from:

  • Selfridges
  • Harrods
  • John Lewis
  • House of Fraser
  • Fenwicks

“More than 130 years of expertise to achieve perfection… one second to experience it”

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