Chanel No.5

Regular readers will know that I adore Chanel.  This came about simply through buying a bottle of perfume;  No. 5.

Perfume I believe is a personal item, and can only truly be selected by the person that is going to wear it, which is why I do not advocate buying perfume as a gift.  So if you haven’t yet tried No.5 then have a little squirt of it next time you are walking through a department store. 

Coco Chanel upon seeking this scent was looking for “A woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent” to be worn “wherever she likes to be kissed!”.  Called No.5 simply for being the fifth sample, in 1921 Coco launches her first fragrance.  The roaring Twenties couldn’t have been a better time to launch this scent to the modern flappers and women looking for liberation.

As the best selling perfume in the world, who earlier this year attracted the gorgeous Brad Pitt to advertise it – this bottle of perfume is now having it’s own exhibition titled No.5 Culture Chanel.

The exhibition will explore how the famous fragrance is linked to specific moments in history, through art, photographs etc.  This Paris exhibition will take place at Palais de Tokyo from 5th May until the 5th June 2013.

I’m so excited!  I’ve booked my flights to Paris…have you?

If you would like to see Chanel’s film about No.5 and how this fragrance came about, the film has been added to the Loved by Lizzi Facebook page, simply click here to view!

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