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Chanel 5 Factory – Celebrating 100 years of the iconic perfume.

This is my visit to the Chanel 5 Factory at Selfridges & my Chanel N°5 story.

For all Chanel N°5 lovers, this is an exciting time; our special companion who we rely on to make us strong, confident and of course sexy, has just turned 100 – how fabulous is that!

(Please stand & *clap, clap. clap*)

This week, I took the opportunity to head to Selfridges, London who are hosting a pop-up of the Chanel 5 Factory, showcasing the limited edition products created to celebrate this very special moment.

This blogpost is not really about the factory, or about the new products, which by the way you will struggle to get hold of, as many now are out of stock – This blogpost is all about sharing your own Chanel N°5 story, which I welcome you to do – we all have one! It’s ours and it’s special.


In 1984, I was nine years old. I was obsessed with the singer, Madonna, much to my father’s disappointment.

As a Catholic father he was completely unimpressed with me singing at the top of my voice ‘Like a virgin‘ whilst dancing around in my bedroom – so much so that when it was played on Top of the Pops on a Thursday night, he would change channel. I remember the tears that flowed from my eyes – it was like my world had come to an end.

Then Madonna realised, Material Girl – the video was captivating, she was wearing a glamorous pink dress with lots of diamonds and long pink satin gloves – she was mesmerising!

Dancing around with men in tuxedos as a 1950’s Hollywood star, (which by the way, at that time I had no idea what a Hollywood star was) – but this video did get the approval of my father, he loved old movies and he told me about Marilyn Monroe.

My next obsession started, Marilyn was amazing in every way to me. She introduced me to Chanel N°5, and it’s a relationship I’ve now had for over 35 years…

“five drops of Chanel N°5” and nothing else in bed. “I don’t want to say nude,” she said, “but it’s the truth.”

MARILYN MONROE  famously said in a 1952 interview


My Chanel No.5 Story
My Chanel N°5 Story

She, as in Chanel N°5,  is still my favourite fragrance; I don’t like cheap replicas that mimic the smell of her – I personally opt for a completely different scent for my everyday.

You see Chanel N°5 is medicinal for me; she completely aids my wellbeing, so it’s important for me to not confuse the smell with anything else.

I wear her, when I need amour.

I wear her, when I need a boost of confidence.

I wear her, on days I want to remember forever – celebrations, my first times, my special moments for me.


I would love for you to share your own Chanel N°5 story – I love how everyone has a unique story. Just write it in the comments section below and I promise to respond to them all. Love Lizzi x




Limited Edition Products to celebrate 100 years of Chanel No.5
Limited Edition Products to celebrate 100 years of Chanel No.5

Join Selfridges with CHANEL as they celebrate 100 years of N°5 with a new, 16-piece limited-edition collection inspired by everyday objects, available at Selfridges London, their Corner Shop space has transformed into a one-of-a-kind N°5 experience. The Corner Shop space at Selfridges London is open until 2nd August 2021.

Whether you make a purchase or not, you can get a Chanel 5 Factory poster; I opted for pink to match the decor in my home office.

Fancy a glimpse of what you can expect, here’s a reel of my visit to the Chanel 5 Factory.


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 Next up, No.5 Culture Chanel – Palais de Tokyo

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