Chanel Coco Noir

I love Chanel.

And so I was very excited about a launch of a new perfume, Coco Noir.

Coco Noir was launched yesterday and I headed straight to a Chanel counter to obtain both a paper spray and a sample!  Perfumes are expensive, and before leaping straight into a purchase I need to make sure that I love it.

No.5 has always been my fragrance, and a little part of me is unsure if I should try something new, especially when you find a perfume that gives you confidence, reassurance and most especially that feel good factor!

Image of sample (iPhone)

Now the paper spray at first was really over-powering, but after it settled, you get a strong sense that this is actually a powerful perfume.  I’m no perfume connoisseur, but my natural reaction to the smell tells me that this is a sexy, inviting, a tad charming but also a little delicate in some way.  I think they’ve got the right name, its perfect for the evening!  Girls you going to need this in your clutch bag for your next Girls night out!

Reviews are describing this perfume as “mysterious” and “a romantic take on Coco”.

I plan to wear this over the next few weeks, and if I do get the right compliments, then I shall be investing in a bottle very soon!

Take a peek at Chanel’s film to give you a taste of Coco Noir…

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Now are you heading to a Chanel counter??

Would love to know your thoughts once you get to have a spray of it.

Thank you Chanel, even though it’s not you Gabrielle who launched this, the right name has gone against the bottle!

Image taken on iPhone

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