Cellulite cream vs The Cross trainer

I’ve been a lucky girl this year, as I’ve had two wonderful beach holidays already. My first holiday was soon after winter had ended, and getting your body “bikini ready” whilst we still had rain and dark nights was quite daunting.For this holiday, I had six weeks to get ready, and I found myself in all of a panic at the Clarins counter asking for a miracle cure to get my legs ready for my trip! Not surprisingly I was instantly sold cellulite cream at £36 and told to use it day and night and I’ll be tip top by holiday time.With this I was also advised to add dry brushing to my daily routine!  A lot of daily hard work and effort was going on and after two weeks I wasn’t really that impress with how things were progressing. It wasn’t until I added the super cheap Dove Summer Glow cream to my routine, and my legs darkened that I started to feel better about it all. But that bottle was only £4.99!!Day one of my hols I thought, well I’ve done my best. But I didn’t feel great.For my next holiday, about five weeks before, again I thought…I need to get “bikini ready”. Reviewing how I really felt about the Clarins cream I decided I needed to do something different. This time not only was I going to eat heathy and try and lose a few pounds, but I also thought I need to get fit.So I found myself at 7am on a Bank Holiday Monday on eBay buying a brand new Cross trainer for £80 (twice the price of the cream). It was delivered within a couple of days and with thanks to my hubby for setting up, I was good to go!At first, ten minutes seemed like the end of the world, but after a couple of weeks I was easily up to twenty minutes and improving each time I was on there. It was so easy to add time within my day to use it. I also felt so good afterwards and the next day, I naturally wanted to continue.And with improving my nutrition, I felt brilliant. By holiday time, I didn’t care about how my legs looked. Happy days!



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