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This week was the last of three great episodes of Mary Portas doing what she does best – waking up Britain to what is going on around them.  Now I don’t know how you could miss hearing about it… but if you have not heard about her Kinky Knickers, then “Read all about it” here.

Mary has re-opened a British nightwear factory in Middleton where she employees, seven young people who were struggling to getting work and were claiming benefits, to start producing KNICKERS.  So many eager young people queued to apply (now maybe some of that was the Mary factor) but  after weeding out those who really didn’t have it in them, she found some great young people who simply want to earn their own money.

I’ve been in Product Development for nearly 15 years, and some of the best times I’ve had in creating a product, is getting hands-on in the factory floor and truly understanding how all the different components will make my finished product.  Sadly, as more and more of my lifestyle products are now made in the Far East, you simply don’t really get to do that anymore.  It’s all done by e-mail and when things go wrong you can’t speak to the person that makes it!

Which is why I’m such a huge advocate of making products here in Britain!  Regular readers will know my thoughts about spending a little more and getting far more out of your purchase.  Well I think if you are a tax payer like me then this is pretty much the same thing.  I would rather spend a little more on knickers made here in Britain, and invest in our own young people.  So ladies, why not support this great campaign and bag yourself some fabulous Kinky Knickers!

Made from stunning lace by British lace makers and they come in three great colour options; Black & Cream, Pink & Peach and Ivory.  And for those of you who are thinking, well she won’t have made them big enough for me, think again!

XS = Size 8
S = Size 10-12
M = 14-16
L = 18-20

Oh and the price…£10.00  But this £10.00 will stay here in the UK.  And if we all buy some, then more people will be employed to make more!

As you can imagine, demand has outnumbered supply, so you might not be able to get them today, but if you click here you can get an up-to-date stockist information. 

I personally shall be investing in the Pink & Peach…..!

Mary’s Team – Image from The Telegraph

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