I’ve always been a believer that if you do a few basic grooming tasks then for the most part you don’t need to wear full on make-up daily. One of the key beauty tips, is to keep your brows groomed!For so many years I’ve been waxing my eyebrows, with the hope that one day they may naturally grow perfect.Nope, not happened!Over the years I’ve had some amazing eyebrow beauticians, thank you ladies!  And some who I have seriously questioned if they have actually taken the course!!  My main pet hate about waxing is it doesn’t pick up the finer hairs and I find myself frequently plucking or tidying up the mess they have made, not forgetting that I’ve paid them for this service.So ladies let me introduce you to a another way of getting those brows into shape! Credit needs to be given to a) Sadie and then b) my Twitter followers – both of whom highly recommend this technique. Threading.Threading is a little difficult to explain; it’s using threads of cotton and with a combination of your hands holding the skin and the beautician doing her thing, it miraculously provides the perfect brow shape, including all the fine ones too – I’m hooked! So I had my done by Blink at a concession in John Lewis, a few times, and I won’t be looking back.

Firstly I feel like I am actually getting a service for the money I’m paying. She spends time talking me through the shape she would like us to achieve over the coming months. The treatment includes a nice head massage, brow make-up (which I will cover off in a future blogpost) and if I go back within the first 7 days of having a “shape” then any that have come through will be removed for FREE. A fabulous service!

Blink also offer a loyalty scheme, pay for five, get your sixth for free!

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