Breakfast delight

This simple breakfast is super easy and so healthy with natural bio-live yorgurt, pomegranates and walnuts.  Why not add this to your weekly breakfast routine.
Here are my tips!

  • I only buy one brand of organic bio-live yogurt and that’s Yeo Valley Natural 0% fat (blue tub)
  • Use any nuts you like, I just happen to love walnuts
  • Consider adding a couple of teaspoons of Flaxseeds too – you can purchase these from Holland & Barrett
  • To get pomegranate seeds out of their case easier; simply place the cut fruit into a bowl of cold water, and break apart in the water, this way the seeds come out whole with no lost juice
  • To remember the recipe – if your viewing this on your iPhone or iPad, why not save the image to your camera roll


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