black trousers styled by LIzzi Richardson - A blogpost on styling black trousers three ways

Black trousers styled three ways to get the most from your investment, trust me they are not just for the office – Read this first!

Often women think black trousers are just for the office;  I suppose for the most part this is typically where we lean into for wearing them.

Black trousers are a great investment item and a staple for most women who need to, at times, elevate their style for either work, a night out or even for a casual weekend. Before diving straight into the outfits, I want to share my thoughts on why you should consider spending a little more on a quality pair of black trousers.

Firstly because you want them to last for many years, the fabric needs to be slightly heavier for a good fit, and also for longevity of wear.

Better quality black trousers will be made with a quality fit to the body as a higher priority on design; this is crucial when selecting trousers – a skirt you can mask if it doesn’t fit quite right on the waist or hips, but trousers, you have nowhere to hide. They either work for you or they don’t, just like a pair of jeans.

If you fancy your style to convey the modern ‘Quiet Luxury’ vibe, then black trousers are not only a great choice but you need them to be look and feel like quality – a cheap pair of black trousers always carry that ‘shine’ to the light which indicates that the fabric is cheap, again something you can never hide.

I bought these black trousers at the end of this summer – these are the Straight Leg Mia Black Trousers from Hobbs London, and I am going to show you how I can wear them for the office, for a dinner date and also casual at the weekend for shopping, brunching and if you go right down to the bottom of this blogpost, how I style them as a dog owner too this winter.


When I chat to women about office style, there seems to be a recurring theme that black trousers are boring and that it doesn’t make them feel like they’ve made any effort.

My challenge to you would be – could you enjoy eating a Victoria Sponge cake without the deliciously light sponge that goes with the jam and cream? Probably not!  Change your style mindset and look at the black trousers as a strong base to decorate, just like the cake!

Monochrome of black and white (or cream) works for many women and it’s a good modern style to start – if you don’t know where to.

Where possible add a little heel, even if it’s only a kitten heel, it will just help the full silhouette – and if you have shorter legs (like me) opt for a pointed boot or shoe; when you walk or sit it will elongate your leg, or give perception of it anyway!

Lizzi wearing black trousers and the limited edition Lawson Blouse by Hobbs London
Style Tip: A pointed shoe or boot will elongate the leg length
Lizzi Richardson walking along in a monochrome outfit of black trousers, cream & black blouse and a cream bag
The Limited Edition Lawson Blouse by Hobbs, works perfectly with their Mia Black Trousers for a stylish monochrome outfit.
Lizzi - Cream blouse with black trousers and a cream bag
Style Tip: Be sure to tuck the blouse in a little more at the front to show off your waistline
Close up of the Bottega Veneta gold earraings dupe from Amazon as worn by Lizzi
Style Tip: Learn to tie a pussy-bow blouse more than one way, to achieve different looks. Here I am using an elastic band to hold this knot in place all day!
Close up of Lizzi using the Derby handbag by Alie Street London
The Derby Handbag by Alie Street London: New for Autumn 2023

Lizzi’s wearing:

Mia Straight Leg Black Trousers

Hobbs Lawson Blouse from their Limited Collection

Derby Occasion Bag by Alie Street London

Earrings (size Medium)


On my podcast episode party season styling, I talk in length about how important it is to dress the top half of your body if the event is purely dinner; and this my friend, is where suddenly your everyday black trousers can be styled with a statement top and again support the look by being a strong foundation to the overall outfit.

Not every event, party or date requires excessive bling, so choose to add this within your accessories and shoes and perhaps opt for more texture in your top to give an alluring feel to your look, by opting for velvet – one of my favourite fabrics at this time of year.

Lizzi Richardson wearing Hobbs velvet party top
Style Tip: If sequins and sparkle is not your thing, then opt for velvet or sheer as alternative evening fabrics
Full dinner date look as worn by Lizzi Richardson for styling black trousers
Style Tip: Not every evening outfit needs excessively bling; add them into the details of your accessories
Silver chrome bag by Mango as styled by Lizzi Richardson
AW23 Trend: Silver chrome is one of the biggest trends this season
Silver Earring details as worn by Lizzi Richardson
Style Tip: Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to keep your look modern, update them every season.

Lizzi’s wearing:

Mia Straight Leg Black Trousers

Faye Velvet Top by Hobbs London

Silver Chrome bag by Mango

Silver sparkly shoes


With everything we buy, we want that feeling that you can style it down to be casual, should the need arise. I know, from  my own experience, once the working day is done you may not want to be so dressed up, but there is no time to change!

A white shirt is always a good option to pair with black trousers, it’s a true classic, the ‘casualness’ (I’ve just made that word up!) comes from how you style the shirt and how you accessorise it.

The shirt needs to be open at the front, show off as much of the flesh of your arm as the warmth of the weather allows; learn to roll up your sleeves, so that the cuffs sit in place all the time without any fuss or bother as you get on with your day.

Trainers and tote bags are clear signals that you are in ‘off-duty’ mode.

Lizzi Richardson casual styling with black trousers
Style Tip: Learn to roll up the sleeves so that the cuffs stay in place
The full look of casual style with black trousers
Style Tip: A casual shopping tote says ‘off-duty’
White shirt with black trousers is an easy casual look - as worn by Lizzi Richardson
Style Tip: Don’t over complicate a classic look, simple is always more stylish for casual
Barbour coat - as worn by Lizzi Richardson
As a dog owner that needs to walk their pooch pre or post heading out the house, a big puffer coat with a hood is all you need.

Lizzi’s wearing:

Mia Straight Leg Black Trousers

Victoria white shirt from Hobbs London

Shopping Tote bag from H&M

Barbour Puffer Coat with Hood

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Special thanks to Hobbs London and Alie Street London for supporting the creation of this blogpost by providing some products as samples.


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