BEING LIZZI ~ 21.06.20

Lizzi Richardson

A little life update on my diary of ‘Being Lizzi’; how I have moved on from full lockdown, what I’ve been watching and reading plus an exciting announcement!

I feel like a whole lifetime has passed since my update back in April – I remember feeling at the start of lockdown very scared, uncertain and really worried about the future. Weeks on now I believe a lot of us have come to terms with the current new way of life, and I am in no rush to get back to get back to how it all was. It’s going to be a summer at home for me with two of my holidays now canceled (or with my more optimistic mindset… postponed). We’ve therefore invested in our garden – an unexplored territory that was right on my back door – who knew it was there?!

I hope you are all well and safe, and doing the very best you can under the circumstances. Just remember that what YOU are feeling is 100% right and that everyone is feeling different on different days of the week – I don’t think the human race has gone through such an emotional and upsetting period for quite some time – everyone is going to handle it differently.

And that’s okay…

Stay safe

Lizzi x



Alium Flower
Alium Flower – Lizzi’s Garden

Yes you heard me right! Before Lockdown I simply used the garden for sunbathing and drying clothes… for me it was Hubby’s domain all the gardening.

With the glorious sunny spell we had and more time on my hands and no where to go – what else was a girl to do?! But I’ve loved it and I can’t quite believe just how much nature there is in my garden considering I live in the heart of a busy town.

I have a robin… he is named Roberto and I just love watching him around the garden. I also love the fact that this year we seem to have a lot more butterflies… as a yearly butterfly counter I am so happy about this!

I’ve always been passionate for cut flowers – spending any spare cash on treating myself. However there is always a little disappointment when they start to die off. What I have discovered with planted flowers is that the experience is much longer; and it’s this that has changed my mindset. With gardening centres being one of the first retail outlets to open…. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in them recently.

I’ve still continued with my house plants; I’ll be honest three have died… I tried saving with no joy – so they have gone to house plant heaven (the brown recycling bin) and new ones have been introduced! They say you can’t kill a cactus – well it seems I can!


I’ve been watching…

So much is the honest answer – where do I start! I’ve watched a few films that have completely wasted my time! I would personally avoid The Kitchen, a so called ladies film where they take over Hell’s Kitchen in New York as part of a mafia type film… the most unrealistic mafia film I think I’ve ever seen!

I do however highly recommend this Netflix Originals, Unorthodox. A Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage and is taken in by a group of musicians — until her past comes calling. I was hooked – I think it’s only 3, possibly 4 episodes, but well worth a watch!

I am also loving the Great British Sewing Bee – I came into it about halfway through and it’s given me an appreciation of how hard it is to make a garment. I’ve tried several times to learn how to use a sewing machine, it’s just not for me. If you have that talent, keep at it – it’s such a great skill to have. And I applaud you for having it, it’s such a talent.

My favourite episode has been this last one which featured the Marilyn Monroe dress and Flapper Art Deco dress – just fabulous!

We’ve just finished Hollywood – another Netflix drama. There’s only one series which has seven episodes. I’ll be honest I didn’t enjoy the first 2-3 episodes and then I think by the fourth the drama came to life, as did the glamourous costumes.

It was a fitting time to be watching it with the Black Lives Matter movement; within Hollywood it does cover racism, the ‘Me Too’ movement and also just the lengths people would go to make their dreams comes true and the dirty power that some men had back then (and probably still do) – a real eye-opener. One I think is worth watching… stick with it.




I’ve always been a fan of Alexandra Shulman – and I did see her in person many years ago at a Vogue Festival event in London. I like how she write and I really enjoyed her book about planning for British Vogue’s 100th birthday – so it only seemed right to purchase Clothes… and other things that matter.

It’s a clever way she has written about the items she owns. Rather than saying this is what you should have in your wardrobe, Alexandra explains why she own’s what she does – and I love the realism, the honesty and the fact she openly admits that for someone who has led and been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, can be boring in her own style… can at times wear the same old thing and (like me) has very dull and not so interesting underwear! I’m about halfway through… and if I had more spare time, I would just sit and read this! It’s 10/10 so far.

This plus many more Style books I own, are listing in Style Books I Love.



Ethereal London – Brand Partner

I just wanted to let you know that I have signed up to be a Brand Partner for British womenswear brand, Ethereal London – this means that I will be supporting this brand with social media content on their new product launches and more ‘how to style’ posts that specifically features their product. I’m a huge advocate of the brand, and it was the only designer I wanted to wear when I was invited to London Fashion Week – supporting our own British designers is extremely important to me.

I do hope you enjoy the content and the new journey that we will be going on with Ethereal London.



This lockdown has given me the urge to be creative again… and I had a need for a quiet zone. I have another Instagram account called A Timeless Edit – it’s a space where I plan to post my own personal (but not private) photos that I have taken.

So many of my social content photos are taken by other people, because I am in the photo – and yet I find I never quite get to share the unusual or ‘in the moment’ photos that I take. Think of it as my own digital coffee table book that if you were to come to my house… these images is what you would see in my home.

This is your personal invitation to join me… no need to like, comment or engage – it’s just a space to explore.

@atimelessedit | Curated by Lizzi Richardson




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