BEING LIZZI – 05.10.19

Lizzi Richardson
Lizzi Richardson

Well I am excited to be back with another update of what I have been up to. I actually can’t believe two months have passed since my last one!

It’s been an exciting few months with Autumn/Winter season kicking in – I got the chance to go to London Fashion Week, I’ve been back styling with the John Lewis & Partners Oxford Style team and I simply cannot wait to show you all my content from my own photo shoot which will be up on the blog in the next few weeks. As I have so much to share, I will be posting more than once a week for a while, as I simply don’t want you to have to wait!! So stay tuned.

Love, Lizzi x



The theatre that is! I forget just how much I love live performances. I have to say I am not the most organised, but when I was walking through Oxford City Centre and I saw Warhorse being advertised at the New Theatre, I was straight away online, on the Park & Ride bus in-fact checking out the cost of the tickets. I went with my Mum and we had a fabulous afternoon mooching around Oxford, dining at Victors in Westgate Shopping Centre.

What a remarkable performance, the puppeteers were outstanding and it was a very emotional production. I highly recommend if you get the chance to watch it. I loved the film, but the theatre performance really brought the story to life.

And the second night out was with my fabulous girlfriends in the city of Milton Keynes, to go see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I don’t think I’ve laughed, sang (and a little dancing too) so much in ages. It’s definitely worth a watch and I think a live performance of this you cannot beat! Such good fun!


Priscilla queen of the desert
Priscilla at Milton Keynes



As well as blogging, I work in the corporate world as a Product Marketing Manager; so on occasions I get the chance to go to conferences abroad. This year it was Riga, a city I had never been to before and it was a fabulous place. Dubbed as the Baltic Berlin; it’s a little city that offers a lot of culture with beautiful buildings, a love of music and singing and whilst I didn’t get the chance to go visit any art galleries, I got the impression from my city tour it has a love and passion for art too. Everyone was so friendly and the food was good – definitely a location to consider if you fancy a short city break.

If you want to see what I wore, then I captured it for my IGTV channel.


Lizzi Richardson in Riga
Lizzi Richardson at Aqua Luna Restaurant & Bar


Riga City Centre
Riga City Centre



So my latest thing is podcasts – I know they have been around for ages, but I thought I wouldn’t be keen, I found it to be quite the opposite in fact – I have really enjoyed listening to them.

Earlier in the year whilst flying to Portugal on holiday, I had my usual magazines and books, but once we took off, I found myself not in the mood to read. And as it was a short flight, there was no option to watch a movie. So with my Riga trip I decided to download some podcasts in advance, and I loved all three of them!!

The Beauty Podcast by Sali Hughes – Transition and the power of beauty with Juno Dawson  – This was how a Transgender women, Juno Dawson who is an author, screenwriter, broadcaster and renowned spokesperson for Transgender issues, talking through what beauty products she used at the start of her journey to what she is now confident to use today.

Girl’s Guide to the Galaxy – Your Inner Self Critic + Self Sabotage  –  Jennifer Jaden and Made In Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop, talk from the heart, about how women self sabotage and how it is keeping a lot of us stuck and how it can really consume you.

Sheerluxe – Ultimate Fashion Special with ‘Shot from the Street’ & ‘Ropes of Holland’ – two fashion bloggers join Sheerluxe’s fashion team Charlotte and Lu to discuss the perfect capsule wardrobe, best denim on the high street and what pieces to invest in.



Now I’m not even going to deny it, one of my favourite pass times is eating. An invite to brunch or lunch is rarely passed up by me. Now whilst it is lovely to get all dressed up for these sort of occasions, brunch can be more of a casual style, especially on Sundays. So this is what I wore recently to a brunch date at Bill’s in Berkhamsted with my mum.

Lizzi Richardson
Lizzi Richardson


I love Zaza’s, I’m often at the one in Berkhamsted however I thought I would give the one in Old Amersham a go, not sure how new it is, but it was new for me! A 2-course lunch special is £12.90 (Mon-Fri) I can definitely recommend it for a mid-week treat out! And who doesn’t love Italian food!!

Lunch at Zaza Amersham
Lunch at Zaza Amersham





Donna, owner of Chloe James Lifestyle Boutique & Lizzi
Donna, owner of Chloe James Lifestyle Boutique & Lizzi

I am back with the fabulous all-girls team from Chloe James Lifestyle, a fashion and gift boutique in the heart of St Albans. On Wednesday 16th October they will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter collection.

You will have the chance to watch it all live on their Instastories Live so get following them and I will also be behind the scenes showing you what will be on the catwalk show. If you are not local, don’t worry as you can purchase the collection online! So see you there… either in person or via Instagram!




Photos owned by Lizzi Richardson. Main photo by Sarah Rider

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