Beauty Pie the items I buy on repeat in my blogpost.

My first year’s subscription with Beauty Pie is coming up so I thought I’d review the Beauty Pie items I buy and why.

Before I jump straight into the what products and why, Beauty Pie is an online make up subscription business; you pay one fee, mine was £55 for 12 months, you then get products up to the value of £3,500 at a discounted price.

If you go over that value (you are probably thinking how? that’s a lot for one chick! Think about it… if you have a whole bunch of sisters, a mum, a grandmother – you could all use the one account and benefit) the annual fee increases.

The prices shown in this blogpost are the discounted prices so items will be more if you do not wish to subscribe. Please be sure to read my Privacy Policy as all products linked in this blogpost come from my RewardStyle programme which can at times be affiliated.


You’re probably thinking, why has she started there?

Well, maybe you don’t know this about me… if I had to choose between my eyebrow gel wand or foundation, I would pick my eyebrows, every time.

Even on ‘no make-up’ days, I tidy and add a little colour to my brows – for me it’s just as important as brushing my teeth. Eyebrows shape your face, and I like to have mine defined – so there are two Beauty Pie items I buy for my eyebrows.

Every day after my shower, I apply this clear brow gel – it contains a growth serum. What I especially love, is that it’s easy an easy application with a wand, plus it’s a gel much easier than a liquid which is hard to apply consistently. After a couple of minutes you a good to go with applying make-up etc. The lady that threads my eyebrows has commented, many times, that my brow hairs are strong so much easier for her to thread out. Overall it’s helping me keep a really good brow shape, resulting into ditching the eyebrow pencil altogether!

Next, I use the tinted brow gel, which by the way doesn’t contain any growth serum (only the clear does). Previously I would have to start with a pencil to fill any gaps, but with that now minimised, I use the tinted gel wand and start to I brush in the opposite direction to the hair growth and then go over it again in the correct way, this add thickness and sets the brow in place – voila!

I use ‘perfect brown’ shade.

Now when it comes to the mascara, I am less keen on the Beauty Pie product – I don’t particularly like the wand. However, for a daily application in their only brown shade they offer ‘Brownie’ it does what I need.

I use to be really bad at refreshing my mascara, but as I order from Beauty Pie every couple of months, I make it a habit just to order a mascara and once it arrives, ditch the one I am currently using – this way I am protecting my eyes as it’s so important to have good hygiene routine on anything that physically touches your eyes, you only have the one pair 😉

Finally. another great find is the eye gel liner – it’s nowhere near as good as my favorite Marc Jacobs’ but the brand’s range expired in 2021 and with no other option – this has by far been my favourite alternative I have tried! A much better price-point too.

My shade is ‘Turkish Coffee’



I don’t use many other make up products from Beauty Pie, I’ve been slightly disappointed with the lack of colour on the lipsticks and they never seem to have red or orange lipstick in stock, just pinks.

Two other products I found and absolutely love are, their Super Translucent Loose Setting Powder, a must-have item and I’ve been happy with their Supercheek Powder Blush, the ‘Fever Peach’ I bought for this Spring.

BONUS TIP: The loose powder is completely non-colour and so light in grain; I have been using it on very hot days to take the shine off my face and on my neck & chest area – you just need to apply with a supersoft brush. It was one of the best items I took with me to Italy this June.


I’ve played around with a variety of skincare and these Beauty Pie items I buy are very likely to be repeated!

Every week I always exfoliate or on a special night out – it an instant skin booster. You need to be careful when choosing your exfoliators as some can be quite harsh on the face.

I love the grains in Wonderscrub, fine but intentional; you only need a pea-size amount and it feels like the tube lasts forever, I think I am only on my second one in 11 months, with plenty still to use!

I’m slightly annoyed with myself for the next one; I bought it months before I actually started using it. I get a tad nervous using new tanning products, always concerned what the first application will come out as.

Trust me, as a brunette these tanning drops are great to add just before your moisturiser. I have no idea if it’s good or not for those with fair hair, there is a lot of alert messages on the packaging and bottle to be careful about your brows and hairline… with being a dark brunette this is something I don’t have to worry about – so do consider this if you are fair.

After 3-4 days my face and chest look sun-kissed, thereafter I can hold off for a few days and then start the process again.

I have also used them on my legs, when I needed a boost for that evening, I applied it in the morning after my shower and it was just what I needed to show off  my white dress. However, be sure to wash your hands properly…. I didn’t and ended up with orange palms…. *grabbed the Wonderscrub and washed hands several times*!

And finally, one I have only been using a couple of weeks, but I have signed up (in my head) to use for the next 3 months. That’s the collagen. I am currently focused on growing my hair. A woman of my age at 47, needs a little help, so I am currently testing if this improves my skin, nails, hair and anything else that I need to correct at this stage in my life! I have no opinion yet, just trying to remember to take it daily is challenging enough!






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