Bathroom accessories in pink and gold
My new bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories – Sometimes it takes just one little item to make you realise it is time for a refresh and for me it was a toothbrush holder – yep just one little thing!

Pink and gold is my latest love for my bedroom ensuite – it’s a small room but it’s wear I selfcare and it’s important to me that this space represents me. I need this space to be time efficient to find the products I wish to use and should anyone  happen to pop in an use it, it looks stylish!

These are a few items I’ve purchased in the last week, that I have been happy with – I talk through it all on an IGTV video and you can see me unboxing the items and my initial thoughts. Since the video, each item now has a home and a purpose of use.

Glass toothbrush mug – £6.99

Gold toothbrush holder gold glass
Glass toothbrush mug


Glass soap dispenser – £9.99

I’ve decided not to use this for soap, I’ve filled it with my slow-tanning moisturiser so that I can easily dispense it whilst I am trying to apply it.

Glass soap dispenser
Glass soap dispenser


Glass tealight holder – £2.99

I’m not using these as tealighters – I have bought three of them; one to hold my ear bud cleaners, one to collect my contact lenses plastic recycling throughout the week and the last one I am likely to add in some faux flowers which I have yet to purchase.

Glass tealight holder


2-pack cotton guest towels – £3.99

These towels are small, and I think they may have slightly shrunk too on the first wash before use – but I don’t mind. They are not expensive and I wanted small towels. For me these will simply be to dry my hands and for no other reason. I actually plan to buy another set.

Pink cotton guest towels
2-pack pink cotton guest towels


Bath mat in Old Rose – £12.99

This bath mat is the larger version measuring in at 60 x 90 – For a small room I want the bath mat to make some impact on the floor. I also opted for the thicker pile, I already have a thicker pile mat and I prefer this to a towel mat.

Bath mat
Bath mat




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