Back in September I blogged about how I was making lots of effort to look after my hair, for those who don’t remember you can read Part 1 here.

Now I thought I had made real progress, and that the condition of my hair had significantly improved, and it has, compared to twelve months ago.  However, after a recent colouring treatment it seems I’ve still got a way to go!

I had my hair coloured, a reddish-brown semi permanent.  This gave lots of warmth, perfect for my own colourings,  and much needed shine to my locks.  However, this colour only lasted a couple of weeks.  Why?

  • The condition of the ends of hair
  • I wash my hair everyday

And so my quest continues and further investment has been made into some new products in the hope that it will improve the condition of my hair.  And so far, over a week in, I’m already really seeing the results!

So what am I doing…

Well firstly, I’ve made the step to commit to washing my hair every other day.  This has not been an easy one for me, as I love fresh clean hair – so I’m squirting the dry shampoo and lets see how it goes.

I’ve now taken the leap and purchased expensive professional shampoo and conditioner.  You only need to use a very small amount;  what with banning my husband from using them and now I’ll only be washing my hair every other day, I’m hoping that I will get value for money.

When you are using a very different kind of product to what you are used to, its hard to say whether you love it.  The shampoo doesn’t really lather up as much, but this is good as it means it’s not got Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) – the damaging agent that they add high-street shampoos to make it foam.

I do really like the conditioner, it’s was quite strange to discover it has a minty smell, it contains peppermint, sage and rosemary??!   It feels lovely afterwards.

Pureology Hydrate is the range I’m using, the shampoo is £13.85 and the conditioner is £17.85 (can you now see why I’ve banned the husband!!)

I’m continuing using Moroccan Oil, and on the days I forget to use this, I really do know!  I would suggest that this product is really only for mid-long length hair.  I’ve been using this after every wash before adding styling products.  Note this is not a styling product, it’s more  extra condition.

And then two new products from label.m – as you know my favorite hair products brand. You don’t need to use a lot and I find they last ages, so they truly are value for money.

I’ve purchased Protein spray (£13.25) – this will really help to protect hair from heat damage and UV rays and even out porosity leaving a seductive shine.  And I think it does.

I’ve also gone for the Thickening cream (£12.95) –  This is fabulous, I have fine hair and this has given it thickness both visually and to touch.  This product will only work when applying heat, so you’ll need to use your hair dryer.

I’m only in week 2, but I can’t wait to see what my hairdresser will think when I next visit the salon.

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