Leopard print everything this AW22

Leopard print has placed itself firmly in poll position, to be the print of choice this AW22.

Leopard print has never not been in style!

After florals, animal print is my next favourite print, and leopard has always, for me, been my favourite choice. Best known as the ‘Bet Lynch’ print, I have never ever not known this print to be in style; and just like Erica Davies states on the cover of her style book, Leopard is a neutral – it truly does go with EVERYTHING!

The reason I’ve kicked started this blog stating this, I want to give you every bit of confidence that if you invest in leopard print – you will own it forever! Be it a dress, accessories, boots or a bag – I doubt you will get rid of it or sell it. I rarely do.

In fact for AW22, I have been hunting out at the back of my wardrobes and drawers for any old pieces that I can get back out and rewear, restyle and give it some more use!

That said, I’ve also treated myself to this top (above), purchased in a local independent boutique as well as a new fabulous dress from Mango (below), that was £29.99 and I think I’ve worn it six to seven times already – making it £4.28 per wear, and I will have this down to pennies, rest assured!

Leopard print dress

A few tips to consider when buying, but really it’s the one thing you can’t actually go that wrong on:

  1. Pick the right leopard print before you pick the item! Not all leopard print is ‘good quality’ print – the fabric, the colourings, the size of the print itself – if the print looks cheap (regardless of price) then you’ll look cheap – you’ve got to trust your gut on this.
  2. Designers/retailers – they will offer ‘their leopard print’ in more than one garment – so think before buying. Do you want a dress or would you get far more versatility in getting a top & skirt co-ord that you can then wear with other pieces, plus still have a ‘dress’.
  3. Think sustainability! On the highstreet, most are made from man-made fabrics which may not be great for the environment. Look at the fabric details and try your best to select recycled cotton or polyester as that’s currently the best choice for our gorgeous planet; or choose viscose or rayon as this requires less energy and water to make.
  4. If (unlike me) you can’t wear it head-to-toe and accessorised to the max – then add a pop of leopard print to your everyday through earrings, cuffs, belts, a trim on a hat or a strap on a bag – it will just give a little nod to keeping yourself modern and your style contemporary.

Whether you are looking to max out or you just fancy a pop of leopard print, here are a few that I am loving!

And here are the books…


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Lizzi Richardson in leopard print

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