When you love what you wear, you’ll wear them on repeat; slow fashion feels so good!

Here’s my Autumn outfits I’m loving.


The pleather dress

It doesn’t matter what colour dress yours is; although it should be a colour that suits your colourings and skin tone – but a pleather dress in this season’s shape with the bell-sleeved puff arms and the cinched in waist to me just oozes style.

I’ve been wearing this dress everywhere!

The office girls loved it when I wore it to work a few weeks ago… looking for compliments, then this is a must!


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Autumn Outfit 2

Going bold with print

Just because the sunshine may have gone, doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with colour and prints – Ankle boots and pleather clutch bags give a little Autumn vibe to what may look summery.

I am loving this dress, new from Phase Eight this AW21 – I plan to follow up with another blogpost on how you can wear bold prints many ways.

So stay tuned!


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 The statement bag

One of the most economical ways to update your look for the new season is to get a new statement bag. I bought this houndstooth tote from H&M, it only cost be £24.99 and I cannot even begin to tell you how it lifts many of my monochrome outfits.

It’s even helped me condense two bags into one for work, so now I don’t carry my food separately.

As and when I get bored of it, it will be downgraded to my supermarket shopping bag.

Wear it, love it, use it!


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Autumn Outfit 4

 Chunky black boots

This is truly my happy place. I can’t get enough of boots and the more chunky and army style they are, I just love.

This outfit is very much an ‘off-duty’ vibe – you know we all have days when we want to keep our outfits simple and just get on with our chores. For me, this look is my go-to when I need to get things done!

An all black jumpsuit tucked into my chunky boots (that I wear all day – I don’t even take them off at home!).

When I need to pop out, this new green rain mac is my go-to coat, it’s been one of my best buys this season.


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