It’s a classic and it’s very easy to wear – the camel jumper is a true staple in most women’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Don’t worry I get that a deep rich camel tone may not suit your skintone, but there are lots of variations between light brown, biscuit to sandy and even as light as ecru that you can tap into for your own style.

Lizzi Richardson

What I particularly like about this colour of jumper is that it oozes ‘expensive’ and can elevate a very simple casual look, without any effort. Let me explain it another way… have you seen that girl at the airport, in plain blue jeans… trainers… a large brown leather (or faux) tote travel bag? Let me guess… I bet she’s wearing a camel jumper. It’s quite frankly ‘stylishly chic’

And the great thing about this…. you truly do not have to spend a lot to achieve this. It’s simply down to your budget, your preference on fabric and how you want the fit to be.

For me this style of jumper needs to fit in two types of ways – it has to either look like a second skin, so nice and tight to fit the curves of your bodyline with well fitted jeans, trousers or pencil skirt or go the other way and wear it oversize. 

I tend to opt for the tighter fit if I am wearing something like this to the office or perhaps out for a smart lunch. As for oversize this is perfect for brunch and for a stroll around the shops when you don’t want to wear a coat.

For this post… it’s all about the oversize look.


All photos are from PINTEREST

So start with your budget… do you want to buy just one? Perhaps go more premium and have cashmere-blend or full cashmere. If you feel your wardrobe needs two possibly three to mix in with your existing wardrobe and see you through until Spring, then perhaps opt for more a lower price-range.

And if you are really into your leopard print this season, this will act as a really good warm base to make a change from black.

Here are a few I’ve tried on… and a few more than I am loving!

Knitted polo-neck jumper


This is the one I bought, this is the one I’m wearing in the photo above! Looks expensive but cheap as chips at £17.99. The fit is lovely… however this is XS, yes XS for an oversize fit! So be careful when ordering online.

If this jumper had been £30 I still would have purchased it as it was exactly what I was looking for… and as I plan to wear more of this colour this Autumn/Winter it suited my budget.

Lizzi Richardson

Ribbed polo-neck jumper

This one I was hoping would fit me, I loved it the moment I picked it up… the roll neck and the ribbing were great quliaty. But my neck sadly is just not long enough to cope with the roll-neck. I fussed with it so much I got frustrated with it and then got very hot! Sometimes you just have to accept that some items are not for you! 

The fit overall was great, but again this was XS and I’m a 12-14 in size, so be careful if you are ordering online.

Lizzi Richardson

ZARASweater with Pearl Bead Cuffs

When I saw this in store I wasn’t sure about it on the hanger… but I loved the detailing on the cuffs so much I thought I would give it a go.

It’s a boxy style jumper which on my hourglass body shape was not very flattering, but if your bodyline is straight and with high-waisted jeans/trousers or a pencil skirt this would look fabulous!

I’m wearing a medium here for an oversize look.

Lizzi Richardson

Also from Zara are…

Sweater with Puff Sleeves

River Island
Oversized roll neck jumper

This one is trending on River Island online… they are out of stock of XS. It’s a gorgeous colour!

WHISTLESCashmere Crew Neck Sweater

REISSPorta – Ribbed Oversize Jumper

French Connection
Supersoft Wool Cashmere High Neck Jumper

Massimo Dutti
Wool and Cashmere Swaeter

This one is stunning, I’m definitely going to be hunting this one down… perfect to wear with a midi/maxi skirt or over a summer dress.

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