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A sponsored post by arthaus for gifting this Christmas

Ever thought about buying art as a Christmas gift? Perhaps not your first consideration but one I believe could win you quite a few browny points from the recipient – especially if you have honed in on a passion of theirs.

With art specific online stores, like arthaus, who offer unique and exciting prints it gives you the chance to really find something very special. Made easy with an attractive website for effortless time spent browsing in the comfort of your home, with your feet up and having a cuppa (or a cheeky glass of bubbly), knowing that within a few clicks and a few days, it will be delivered directly to you.


The key is in the ‘finding’ that something special – people typically start to try and browse EVERYTHING on a website but all this will do is send you spiralling into a world of “I don’t know” and so with this in mind, try the following steps which should tailor your search to get to something just right without too much stress:

Step one – really think about the person you are buying for, write a list of things you know about them, their hobbies, their music, their favourite colours.

Step two – head to arthaus and start to key in (one at a time) the associated words and just see what comes up, e.g. music, film, New York etc

Step three – if something appears that you feel relates to the person you are selecting for, write the name of the print down on a piece of paper, and move on to a new word search

Step four – you want to get it down to about four or five pieces of art

Step five – if someone you know, knows the person you are buying for – then it’s at this stage you could show them the ones you have picked yourself, and just listen to what they have to say

Step six – whether you do get a second opinion or not, keep reviewing the ones you have selected and within a short space of time you will reject ones based on thoughts that come into your head OR you will naturally be drawn to the one you think is best.

Here are a few that I’ve picked which I believe would be popular choices….

Big fans of OASIS, just like me! This is a modern style and they have similar designs for Prince, Queen, Elvis and more.

No023 My Oasis Minimal Music Pos
by Chungkong
20x25cm starts from £34.99

My mother is a big Beetles fan – an illustration like this is very hip and cool

Fab Four
by Ale Giorgini
20 x 20cm starts from £34.99

I can pretty much guarantee you have a friend or two with a GIN cabinet at home! We certainly have one, which would make this picture below very much at home…

Gin Gin Gin
by Fox & Velvet
20x25cm starts from £34.99

For those that love their cars or have a passion for driving….

Yellow Car
by LennyCollageArt
20x25cm starts from £34.99

Being part-Italian there’s plenty in my family who love the film – The Italian Job!

No279 My The Italian Job Minimal
by Chungkong
20x25cm starts from £34.99

And to finish off, I’m going to talk you through why I selected New York Ride for myself; New York is where I honeymooned with hubby and we had the best time. I absolutely love the iconic yellow taxis and whilst this may not be an actual taxi, the yellow makes you think it is. With my love of art, taking photos and all that, this chick could have been me… I just love it. I went with size 50cm x 50cm framed in white.

New York Ride

by Sharon NYC
20 x 20cm starts from £34.99


  • Be thoughtful – choose it because the topic has a connection with them, don’t buy it because you love it
  • Be considerate of their space – Art doesn’t have to the biggest picture you can afford – sometimes it’s the small pictures we put up in our homes we admire the most
  • Buy it in the frame – it’s a bit like giving a child a toy that needs batteries, if they can’t do something with it straightaway it will go into a cupboard!
  • Don’t tell them where to hang it – you may have had a particularly space in mind, but I for one are forever moving pictures around – it’s a really great way to freshen up a room 
  • The art needs to be obvious – if you need to explain why you chose it, then it’s not the right design to be giving, they should instantly know why


  • Supporting artists making their passion of art
  • Handcrafted by specialist art framers using only high quality wood
  • Browse and shop in the comfort of your home
  • Deliver to your home and ready to be hung (or ready for you to wrap!)
  • Art can really change a room – making it warmer, engaging and a conversation starter for first time guests

To start browsing and possibly opt for gifting yourself a bit of art too (I wouldn’t blame you) then head over to arthaus – simply click here.

The post ARTHAUS – THE GIFT OF ART was on Loved by Lizzi first. This was a sponsored post by arthaus, they gifted me NEW YORK RIDE for my time to write this post.

The links in this post are not affiliate links and there is no commission to me for any items you purchase.

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