Art Deco @ Alexander Palace

This morning I headed to Alexander Palace for an Art Deco Fair.  Why is it that before I’ve even finished a project, I’m planning the next one!

Planning to style a new room takes time, and once you know what style you want to go for, going to fairs and antique shops are a great way for finding unique and stylish artefacts that you know no one else will have – and that’s what creates a WOW factor to your lovely home.

For me, it has to be 1920-30’s art deco.  I simply love it.  And later this year I will be transforming a tired and barely styled bedroom into a fabulous art deco designed room.  So to help me do this, having a mooch around these stalls today starts the design process for the room to be created and gives inspiration to my thoughts.

Alexander Palace is a great setting, and it was a lovely day – lots of people, some who clearly were on a mission to grab a bargain!

Alexander Palace – North London
Great Hall – Alexander Palace
Art Deco Fair

There is another reason why I like shopping at these kind of places, and that’s because you never ever pay full price!  They know that, you know that and its a lot of fun bartering down and getting something for the price you what to pay.  You can never have that kind of fun in John Lewis or Marks & Spencer!

I was on the look out for a large framed print to go above a double bed – sadly though there were not many stalls selling this sort of thing today.  I did see lots of gorgeous drinking glass sets and cocktail sets, lovely as they are I had no need for these.

And then I saw this beautiful sculpture, of a women in a joyful spirited pose, and I knew she would be perfect for my room.  

The lady was selling this for £45, but that’s not what I paid for it! 😉


  1. Kelly Brown
    March 19, 2012 / 2:21 pm

    What a beatiful sculpture! X

  2. Kelly Brown
    March 19, 2012 / 2:23 pm

    'beautiful' was what I meant to write! iPhone typo… 🙂

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