Arm Candy for Summer 2012

Those of you who know me in person know I’m a little partial to arm candy – I have more handbags, clutches and totes than I know! 

So it won’t surprise you at all to know that I purchased this gorgeous new handbag within about 2-3 mins.  I walked in, saw it, tried it for size and was at the counter before anyone could stop me!

Don’t you just love those kind of purchases, no thought whatsoever because you know “you LOVE it!”

The compliments received so far (including male colleagues) have pretty much paid for the price of the bag!  I perhaps haven’t told you my theory on that.  Whilst I may evaluate most purchases based on my normal formula: “PRICE divided by HOW MANY times you use it.  In this case, regardless of the PRICE if you get more than FIVE compliments, then the item pays for itself!  

Well every woman loves a compliment!

My lovely new bag from NEXT.Accessories for a lunch date –  Chanel sunglasses and pink scarf from Accessorize

Now I know there is lots of rain at the moment spoiling our Spring, but when the sun shines those black handbags must really be put away!

Check some of these delightful bags that could put a smile onto your face this summer!

River Island

Orange Zip Messenger Bag


MANGO (House of Fraser)

Coral Zip Messenger Bag

Only £9.99 !!

Principles – by Ben de Lisi (Debenhams)

Colour block grab bag


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