Let’s stop and think about it, when was the last time you didn’t have TWO bags??! Some days I have so much to carry, I personally dream of a second pair of arms or should that be shoulders?  

So it starts with the handbag – I can never ever go anywhere without that! I would love to do the ‘day clutch’, I think they are very glam but I can’t, just can’t, as I have too much to carry.

Then there is my work bag, my gorgeous Samonite laptop bag, I just love, love, love – but hey that can get really heavy with all my equipment so that’s the max I can have on the one shoulder.

I then have my shopping tote – this comes in a variety of styles depending on what I am up to.  I have a lovely foldable shopper from Eco Chic that lives in my handbag and it’s perfect for the daily food shop or a Saturday morning stint in town.  But if I need to carry a change of shoes or say a jumper then I have my orange Topshop tote (in photo below), it’s a real Mary Poppins, and yet so stylish.

And whilst for you mums I know you have all the kids stuff to carry, I need another bag for my dog – well he needs stuff too – and I’ve given up on using my handbag for that!

The two bag look!

How did our busy lives get so crazy? and do we really need to carry all this stuff? Well if you want to work on-the-go and if you have other life-beings to look after then YES we need bags.

By the way – I have not mentioned HIM, yes the other half – have you noticed he never has to carry much, and on a night out you always seem to end up having to squeeze his phone and keys into your clutch bag (just saying!)

And so with that, this post is dedicated to more upmarket shopping totes than the plastic bag – well if we have to be ‘bag ladies’ let’s at least do it with style.  And you also get permission to book yourself in to the nearest spa for that neck, shoulder and back rub, we’ve certainly earned it! And perhaps HE should pay for it 😉 

I love this khaki green bag, but if it’s not for you then there is a brown or grey/black option too

Slouch Shopper Bag

Mesh Shopper

Black River Island shopper bag

If you want one that folds up tidy so that you can have it in your handbag, Warehouse have a couple of designs, this one’s my favourite

Zip Around Shopper Bag


ooh and the irony bag!

Tote bag from Cafe Press

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