Anine Bing is an aspiration brand with some really cool designs. Since lockdown they have offered 25% off their collection (if you sign up to their email address), this is tempting to say the least, as this brand rarely has items in the sale, as their garments tend to sell out.

This edgy brand is a mix of Scandi and Los Angeles that changes it’s collections often to keep it fresh.

Through looking at their website, admiring their latest sale and contemplating whether to buy (or not), I happen to notice a little similarity with a much more affordable premium highstreet brand, who also happens to be in the sales too.

The items for both brands are selling fast… some actually are sold out. But this could be an opportunity to get hands on with a premium label at 25% off or bag yourself a great dupe at more a premium highstreet sale price.

I leave that decision for you… whilst I still ponder for myself which way I will go.

The Tiger Tee

Anine Bing’s is now sold out at €99

Anine Bing - The Tiger Tee
Anine Bing – The Tiger Tee


Allsaints – TIGER IMOGEN BOY T-SHIRT – Was £45, now £31

Allsaints Tiger Imogen Tee


The White Sweatshirt

Anine Bing – RAMONA SWEATSHIRT MONOGRAM – WHITE  – €169 (25% off when you sign up to their email)

white sweatshirt with Anine Bing
Anine Bing – Ramona Sweatshirt




ALLSAINTS Talon Hoodie


The Real Leather Dress

Anine Bing – IVY DRESS – BLACK – €1,199 (25% off when you sign up to their email)

black leather dress
Anine Bing – Ivy Dress


Allsaints – KADI LEATHER DRESS – Was £398, now £199

Allsaints – KADI Leather Dress


The Zebra Summer Dress

Anine Bing – DARCY DRESS – ZEBRA – €299 (25% off when you sign up to their email)

zebra dress
Anine Bing – Zebra Dress


Allsaints – MILIA SEEBRA DRESS – was £298, now £178

zebra dress
Allsaints – Milia Seebra Dress

At the time of writing this post on 13th April, Allsaints had extra discount off – but that will end once the Bank Holiday is over – this does not show that extra discounted price.




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