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All Black Everything | Flatlay by Lizzi

All Black Everything is a fabulous and stylish style book – read on to see other all black everything items I own right now.

I think I may have already told you that I treated myself to a Christmas present of my own and it was the style book by Sally Faye – All Black Everything. My copy I purchased via Saint+Sofia is signed by the author, I have no idea if that’s exclusive to them (sorry), but I do feel it has made my style book extra special to own.

It has a lovely front cover, with tone-on-tone writing and whilst it’s big enough to be a lovely coffee table book (I have mine out in my my home office), it’s small enough (slightly heavy) to be portable should you need to. Whilst there is some reading involved, on the most part it’s full of lovely modern and stylish illustrations of ‘all black everything’ style boards.

Style Tip: The way Sally has laid out the style boards, should you not be an ‘all black everything’ kind of chick, you can easily plan your own style by picking a similar garment but in colour or another neutral to swap with – an easy uniform without much effort.

I will certainly be using some of this for my own off-duty looks for 2021 as part of my new style goals – I am personally looking for a cleaner, modern and simpler palette to have in 2021.


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Instagram: Sally Faye – An example of her style boards



all black everything style book

You can still make a statement in winter without freezing your knits off.  ” – Sally Faye



Next up I have to tell you about my merino wool long black cardigan. I bought this from Ethereal London in early November, and since its arrived I have worn it every day; YES everyday.

I’m up early for my dog, so I need to be warm in the kitchen/diner and so it makes for a snug, early riser cover-up. During the day whilst working-from-home, at times it’s very chilly whilst you sit and write, this is now my go-to.

I was using a shorter, cotton-blend cardigan that I’ve owned for years; I didn’t even like it, let alone love it?! This was the deciding moment I needed to invest in one that I love, that I will continue to wear for years! (as demonstrated by previous unloved item!)

Style Tip: I’m also a huge fan of merino wool; if you feel the cold (like me) this is a great way to layer up without the chunky knit need!

Cost-per-wear so far: £1.99 per day

Ethereal London |  Malia Black Merino Longline Wrap Cardigan – £135

long black cardigan

It’s my birthday at the end of January and I was planning on treating myself to the new Otis sunglasses by Anine Bing.

With Brexit coming and a concern whether we would have to pay extra Customs & Duty on EU deliveries, I took the plunge a week before Christmas and bought them. I am so so happy with my purchase.

I was also delighted that these sunnies came with the most beautiful branded leather case, which I have to say looks more like a coin purse – I am definitely going to be using it for more than just storing my glasses, which are either being worn or on the top of my head anyway!

Style Tip: Sunglasses are an easy and quick way to update your look; you think they are a classic (but actually they are not).  Each season the design, the shape etc is all updated and unless you are a stickler for the exact same pair, I try to update mine every year.

fashion sunglasses by Anine Bing
@lovedbylizzi Instagram Reel: Anine Bing Otis Sunglasses | Tap the image to watch



fashionable black sunglasses


Towards the end of 2020, I got a little lapsed with being video-ready for working-from-home. Thankfully the black roll neck worked most days. Trying to up my game a little more in 2021, now that Lockdown 3 has kicked in, and I am loving wearing my black pussy-bow blouse and a little red lippy.

You can literally wear whatever you like on the bottom-half, no one will know! I do have to say though, I cannot work in slippers – I either have to wear ankle boots or trainers or I just can’t get into professional mode (that said, I am like that too on my blogging days at home).

Style Tip: You are probably thinking it’s a little chilly just to be in a blouse and you are right… so my trick is… I wear a thermo long-sleeve black top underneath and due to the tie at the front and the balloon-cuffs, no one knows!

SAINT+SOFIA  |  Florence Blouse – Black Burnout – £95

stylish black blouse
@lovedbylizzi Instagram

And lastly, my Nike trainers! One of my favourite black items I own that I had to replace, after me stupidly ruining a very good pair by putting them through the wash at such a high temperature that I melted the rubber insoles – I still have them for dog-walking, but let’s just say I cannot walk a marathon in them!

Hubby kindly replaced them as my Christmas present, I didn’t realise just what a comfort-blanket they truly were in my wardrobe staples, until they were suddenly gone! Nike is my brand of choice and has been for many years.

NIKE WOMAN  | Nike MC Trainer – £64.95

stylish womens black trainers




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