Tips on refreshing your make up for keeping your style ageless

Keeping your make up fresh and modern is a great way to keep your style ageless. Refresh your make up for the new season, read on for my tips.

It’s tough isn’t it, you have your favourite colour lipstick or perhaps there is a make up brand that you just love so much you can’t imagine trying anything new, however this kind of behaviour, could be impacting your style to keep you modern.

Wearing the same daily look every day and then perhaps you may have your out-out look, will not excite those around you who see you daily.

To be seen as new and refreshed, you need to do something different; maybe a different way you have done your eye make up or perhaps you try an orange lipstick rather than the same old red that you always grab. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to give up those items that give you your protected super-power to take on the day in hand, but having a go at trying something new, can actually be a positive mood-booster.

There are so many ways you can approach this,  some of it can be completely free (apart from buying the products of course) or you can treat yourself and set aside a budget to really enjoy this experience and consider it an alternative treat to something you perhaps would normally do.

With Spring in the air and Summer about to approach, this is a really fantastic time to ditch some of your usual palette and try some new colours.

Refresh your make up for free

1. Go to your besties on Whatsapp and just ask them to post a photo in the chat of their favourite new make up product they have bought in the last 3 months – and ask them to say why they are loving it!

Ladies rarely chat about make up, they are always more likely to tell you what clothes or accessories they have just bought, but rarely does anyone in a coffee catch-up start to talk about mascara or lippy unless someone specifically asks.  I bet you, without you even giving it much thought, you are surrounded by a group of beauty experts… who just don’t talk about it.

2. Just ask her!

If you spot someone in a cafe, the ladies loos or maybe in a changing room and you see a lippy colour or something like their eyelashes etc that appeals to you – ASK THEM! I promise they will be delighted to share.

And if you are asked yourself, then tell them – get them to take a photo of your product (if it’s in your handbag) and always pass on the colour code, not just the brand. I don’t know about you, but the endless aisles of what appears to be the 100 red lipsticks, I’m always thinking, why did I not get the code!

3. Head to the beauty counters in store and ask

Be careful here! Asking about the product, that is free – however many Department stores now offer make up application and that is not free. You will either be charged for the application or they will have a caveat to you buying a number of products – always check (or I call it ‘the bum test’ –  if I am standing it’s free, it I have been asked to sit in a chair, I need to check if this will cost!)

4. Watch YouTube or TIK TOK videos

There is so much beauty content on YouTube it’s kind of crazy or for a quicker fix, perhaps try Tik Tok. Start by exploring beauty bloggers that resonate in both the way you have similar looks or you just love her style.

Next try well-known beauty brands or fashion magazines and check out the tips and new season content they produce. I recommend you watch their latest videos and not something from 2-3 years ago, as the products they use, may no longer be available to buy.

Buy a personal experience

If you can afford to take this route to refresh your make up, then this is probably the best approach.

Your make up says a lot about you and it’s important you get the type of products right, not just for your skin but also for easy application. Colours and new ways to apply them make all the difference to that new fresh look you desire.

Spend time researching what beauty services are local to you, I recommend to have your make up session in person and not via online, plus on your own and not with a friend. This needs to be all about YOU!

I would also recommend that the beauty session allows you to apply the products yourself, so basically they are teaching you how to refresh your make up, this is a very different experience to having your make up done for an event. You need to feel confident that you can recreate this look when you get home.

Ask them lots of questions, get them to video or take photos as you go, a great way for you to remind yourself at a later date – I know myself this has been so valuable, photos and videos have been far more useful to reference back on, than written notes.

When you do get home with your new products; take time to practice. Do not do your first application on a really important day with less time than you would typically give yourself. When you are doing new things in the a new way, you need to practice and at least double the time you would normally do.

Enjoy the experience, make it special and treat it like you would if it’s a beauty treatment, perhaps organise to meet some girlfriends afterwards, for lunch or dinner, so you can listen to all the fabulous new compliments, you will be sure to get!


Photo by Sarah Rider

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