Ageless Style: Walk with confidence

Increase your confidence with style for ageless modern styling; it’s not always easy to do, but my tips and tricks will help.

You’ve bought a whole new outfit, in fact everything is new, even down to your lippy and your knickers and now you’ve got to head out the door; yet instead of feeling on top of the world, you are now dreading showing off your newly creative outfit, just in case someone looks at you.

Recognise this feeling? 

Would it surprise you to hear that I frequently have to overcome this issue myself? Not just once and a while may I add, but typically 2-3 times a month!

Being confident with your style, makes you stylish – it’s a chicken and egg situation; the more stylish your look tends to result in the need to up your game again the next time – and so it goes on.

Not many women I meet can strut their outfits confidently and those that look like they are… are probably faking it or have had to say a mantra in front of the mirror before they head out the door. They just don’t share that with you!

I don’t have all the answers, but I am more than happy to share my confidence tips with you. To increase your confidence with style does take repeated effort, it’s not a one-time fix.

For ageless modern styling I recommend walking with confidence. Here's my advice on how to increase your confidence with style.
Ageless Style: Wear what makes you feel really good!




Everything you select to wear should not just make you happy but it should make you ‘feel‘ really good – like it’s the best day ever!

Never save anything for best or categorise your items. Make everything you have in your wardrobe available to you; to wear when you like, for whatever you like. This also includes all your perfumes, jewellery and accessories.

I honestly do not care if you choose to get all dressed up to rock your outfit, just to go to the supermarket and neither should you!

The more you wear what you really would love to wear and it makes you feel so good that you can take on anything – is the best confidence booster, EVER!

Other women may LOOK AND JUDGE

The biggest hurdle most ladies are concerned with, is the looking and let’s be honest the judging…

Other women stare #fact

Other women judge #fact

And maybe other women will look your outfit up and down and probably think – “Who the hell does she think she is?!” #fact

Accept all these three points. Recognise you are not in control of changing any of these three points. And move on!

Don’t let anyone knock your confidence, my view is they simply can’t be stylish ladies; have you notice that those that are confident with their own style are always the first to give out the compliments, they have the warm smile and they will probably ask you where you bought said item from!


Ladies often look to refresh their style when something quite tragic has happened in their lives; I’ve done this myself too.

I dyed my hair really dark and had a deep fringe cut-in to my hairstyle many years ago, to help me get over the grief of losing my father unexpectedly.

It’s normal behaviour and fairly typical; the change represents a visual sign to others that you want to be treated differently as you have reached a stage to move on. It often works.

However, a journey of change, I believe, should happen over weeks and months and to not be quite so dramatic and change everything about yourself overnight.

In fact a complete transformation of every single thing, normally signifies you are not quite ready for change you aspire to get to and tells me (and maybe others) that you don’t like yourself.

Stay true to yourself and make small upgrades weekly. Making a number of small changes will amalgamate over time to one bigger change, and during the journey your confidence will increase. In fact small changes will minimise the ‘look and judge’ factor that perhaps you fear.


style with confidence
Own your outfit, and that will give you the confidence


Let me confess, the first time I headed out the door with this big tote in houndstooth pattern I felt like an idiot – absolutely true!

There was something about it the first time that gave me this overwhelming feeling of ‘it’s too much’ – so I made myself use it every single day until the fear left me; and now I don’t care too hoots what people think of it. In fact it’s often the poshest supermarket tote in the store!

When trying out something new and to increase your confidence with style, you have to own it. You have to keep your head high, face the fear and please do not fidget or try and hide it.

Once you’ve worn it a few times and people give you compliments, your confidence will naturally increase and then, just like that, it becomes an everyday item.


If you look smiley and confident, people tend to not ask you how you are – if you appear nervous or have a vacant look, people will be concerned and you may interpret this as them being judgemental about what you are wearing.

May I suggest that you keep your head held high and try to have your shoulders square and not slouchy when walking; add a warm smile and an in-control look to face,  this will signal to others that you are a confident woman.

Don’t forget to help you with your confident walk, you need to select shoes that are right for the day you have ahead.

Walk confidently in your stride, even if you don’t feel your best, this will make you look vibrant, fresh and modern – regardless of your age!

walk with confidence




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