Accessories – I’m loving!

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make us happy, and I doubt we really give much thought to these daily pleasures.

Over the last few weeks I’ve treated myself to a number of different accessories that I’m using daily – and I’m seriously loving them!!

Starting with my new iPhone 5 case from Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury – at the time I purchased this I didn’t realise it had additional benefits; my whole buying decision was on the cartoon image of Polly Bean carrying the gorgeous Chanel handbag that I had seen in the window of the flagship store in Paris last May. That sold it for me!

From Gift Library – Was £25, now £15

The extra benefit is its a Gooey iPhone case.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a non-sticky skin to touch and feel but when it comes into contact with a smooth surface like glass, mirror or acrylic it sticks firmly on (and I mean firmly!!).  So if you want to use your iPhone as a Sat Nav, it stays put on your car windscreen or if you want to watch a film whilst cooking you can add it to the splash back of your cooker, if it’s made of acrylic like mine. It’s brilliant!

Gooey products come in lots of designs, but if you like the fashionista look, then Gift Library offers three fabulous designs, here are the other two!

Gift Library – Polly Bean Louboutin Shoes iPhone 5 CaseWas £25, now £15
Gift Library – Polly Bean Me Me Me iPhone 5 CaseWas £25, now £15

Moving on to my next little gem, this is my new make-up bag that I purchased at the V&A gift shop – not the most obviously place for a product like this!  The Italian Glamour exhibition was on in 2014, and they created a range of accessories, purses and bags to promote the show.  This particular item is exclusive to the V&A shop and is designed by Leslie Barnes and is only £5.  Click here to view.

Image from @LovedbyLizzi on Instagram

The last one is based around the gift my Hubby gave me for Christmas which was an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – and so I need a cover for it.  My Kindle is not something I plan to carry with me daily as I don’t commute by train or bus, so it’s more for when I am travelling.  

With that in mind I didn’t fancy opting for the classic black, navy or brown case. No, no, no!  I need this to be full of sunshine and saying “I’m on holiday!!” so I’ve opted for Honey Yellow in the Amazon Kindle cover range – and I just know it’s going to look fab on my next beach holiday!!

Amazon – Honey Yellow Kindle coverCurrently £27.99 instead of £29.99

If you have any exciting new accessories, I would love to hear about them, either leave a comment on this post below or get in touch via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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