Accessoires magnifiques pour un week-end à Paris!

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter, you will know that last weekend I was treated to a lovely break in Paris.  It’s always fabulous to get away on a city break, and half the fun is arranging the outfits for both day & night, plus what to wear there & back!  

Now as much every girl would like to buy all new outfits for a trip, not feeling that flushed at the moment I decided to see if I could buy a few key accessories to give new life to some clothes I already own.

Travelling with Eurostar is really good as there is no weight limit to your luggage!  If there was ever a reason to pick a train over airplane that needs to be it for us ladies!  To travel to & from Paris, I took my own advice from my blog post Essential Classics: The Trench Coat and opted for my beige trench coat.  With the new spring trends of both pastels and patterns, I came across this lovely silk scarf from Monsoon.  Now I bought this in store, however online it seems you have to purchase from Accessorize:

Colourful silk scarves are a great way to easily update a look.  I recommend not to spend too much, with fast fashion outlets like Primark and New Look these are great places to shop for this sort of thing.

Gold is still very much the colour to go for when accessorising.  So when I was looking to add something different to my little black dress for the black tie dinner cruise on the Seine, I teamed this up with some fabulous gold shoes from Julian Macdonald’s collection STAR:

Continuing with the gold, I now needed to find some jewellery, whilst I wanted to add some sparkle, I still needed to get more gold into my look, and the my mother-in-law Carol helped me pick this out, which was just perfect to finish off my look.  A gold cuff from Wallis – and even better was they had 20% off jewellery!

This was simply fabulous, and I know that I will be wearing this a lot over the next few months.

So next time you go away and you want to create some new looks but can’t afford a whole new wardrobe – why not just add a few simple accessories to give a boost to a much cherished item you already own.

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