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Hi, I’m Lizzi, a fashion blogger living in the home counties of England with my wonderful husband and our playful dog, Alfonso – a small Bichon Poo with a big character!

I started blogging in 2011, alongside my day job as a product marketing manager. Having always loved shopping for fashion and stylish accessories, it began as a bit of a hobby. But it quickly became apparent that it meant more to me than simply writing about shopping trips and the latest trends.

Thanks to countless hours in changing rooms with friends and family, and having trained as a stylist, I realised how many women struggle to find affordable, wearable, clothes that don’t make you feel drab or frumpy.

So, I’ve made it my mission to help women find clothes which make you feel and look fabulous, without blowing a huge hole in your bank balance!

I’m a firm believer in trying things on before I blog about them. How many times have you fallen in love with an outfit on a hanger or in a photo, only to be bitterly disappointed when you get it on? That’s why my changing room try ons show you a range of items ‘in the flesh’, where I test out sizing, fabric and fit to find you the best buys.

I blog about all sorts of style-related topics – from beach essentials to the perfect winter coat. As a keen traveller, I share my style choices when I’m out and about, and offer top tips on what to pack. Plus, my popular Instagram #ootd posts are all about down-to-earth outfit choices for everyday situations, whether it’s something smart for the office or favourite comfy casuals for a relaxed day with friends. And as well as offering styling advice, I interview inspirational female entrepreneurs to showcase their amazing products.

From dad’s trousers to style blogger…where it all began

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up. As a child I drove my family mad, changing outfits several times a day and borrowing clothes from anyone within reach – including my dad’s trousers and my grandfather’s cardigan!

As I grew up, family and friends would often ask my advice on what to wear, or what to buy, and I loved exploring the high street helping to find to find the perfect solution.

I still love nothing more than trying on outfits and experimenting with different styles. I have a real thing for dresses and jumpsuits, but I like clothes that can be worn in lots of different ways, so you get more for your money.

I believe you don’t have to be boring, or compromise on style as you get older. You want to feel happy and confident in your clothes, right?  That’s what excites me about writing this blog  – I really hope you enjoy it!

Lizzi x

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Lizzi Richardson

My background

May 2018 – Video Course for Social Media by Georgie Palmer & Heidi Bawden


September 2017 – Advance Social Media by Monica B Welburn


March 2017 – Professional Blogging for Fashion Bloggers at the London College of Fashion


2012-2013 – Image Professional on Colour Analysis and Women’s Style by Gail Morgan of Study in Style


2002-2004 – Certificate & Advance level in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing


Reviews from my readers…

In November 2017 my Loved by Lizzi readers completed a survey, here’s what they have to say about my blog…

“I love reading the blog! Xx” – Follower of 2-4 years

“I love it Liz! Whenever I catch it I love reading it” – Follower of 2-4 years

“Love this blog, one that most like my own lifestyle and I really appreciate honest reviews” – New follower in last couple of months

“So engaging more of these please Lizzi” – Follower of 2-4 years

“I look forward to reading it.” – Follower of 6 years

“Love it!” – New follower in last couple of months

“Just more please! Would love to see more pics of Lizzi wearing her clothes to reinforce that looking (and feeling) amazing shouldn’t be restricted to just posh events” – Follower of just over a year



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