All black outfit
Head-to-toe in black: Joanna (@lovestyle40) | Lizzi (@lovedbylizzi)

Rediscover the appeal of an all black outfit, it is classic, simple and eternally stylish; head-to-toe black is a key look for this season.

Firstly, let me introduce Joanna a style blogger who’s featured on Loved by Lizzi before on STYLE MATTERS. This all black look I went shopping in a couple of weeks ago, and Joanna was super kind and recreated my look on her Instagram account – using the hashtag #stealmystyle – Joanna has kindly agreed to share her look too for this blogpost (thank you x).

I’m 99% sure you’ll have all the ingredients already in your wardrobe without the need to buy anything! An all black outfit is a low-cost, super stylish and completely effortless way to style yourself, the key is to cover every part of your skin… yep no bare skin on show for this ultimate chic winter style.

We all have a lot of black in our wardrobe, unless you are completely bonkers about colour – the average woman’s wardrobe is made up of 50% black – it’s easy and effortless. However, and I have never understood why, it seems a real taboo to wear all black, and yet so many celebrities and wealthy ladies spend a lot of time wearing all black, for easy, super chic glam.


One important element of a head-to-toe in one colour, also known as ‘tonal dressing’ is textures – this helps to mix up the vibe of the overall look. Both Joanna and I are using satin, faux or real leather, wool and cashmere – these different textures and fabrics mix up the one-colour look to the eye and adds far more interest.


When recreating this look you want to be selecting your most quality pieces you own, so for example pick silk over satin or cashmere over wool. I would pick any premium highstreet pieces I own over budget – building on each level as I go. You also want your most blackest pieces, avoid anything that has faded!


Let’s start with the skirt or dress – Mine is my slip dress from the summer and I’m pretty sure Joanna’s is a satin slip skirt, the key point is you want it to be a midi or maxi at least in length. You could potentially wear a pleated skirt, but you want to keep the silhouette of outfit as streamline as possible – creating that feminine hourglass shape.

We’ve then teamed this with a long-sleeve top or jumper, mine is my black polo neck cashmere jumper.

For the boots I highly recommend knee-high heeled boots or wear opaque black tights with ankle boots (no flesh on show) – a little height helps again with your silhouette.

We’ve both gone with biker jackets, that I would say is our typical style – if this is not for you, then go with either a fitted or oversized blazer; or even a Chanel style boucle (tweed) fabric.

The scarf is important, this add a finishing touch – it adds that extra texture you need to ‘winterise’ the look, making it all snug! Again think texture and mine has tone-on-tone black sequins which looks lovely when it catches the light.

Black gloves – this is probably the one ingredient you could miss, but if you can… do!

I finished my look with a weave faux-leather clutch bag – any all black bag would work just try and tone in any metal colours of the bag with your jacket you’ve chose – so here both of mine are silver.


An all black outfit is very much this season’s look – so have a go, don’t hesitate with layering, the more you have the better it will work – just remember, don’t over-complicate it and think quality and texture, and it will all come together.



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