A little bit of ME time!

Now I don’t have kids or a mad house to say the least, but even so there are times when all I crave is a little ME time!

I found a solution to this and it happens about every eight to twelve weeks; getting my hair coloured followed by a cut & blow dry.  Nothing crazy I know, but I get a good solid two and a half hours all to myself!.  

Yes, there is a little small talk to be had, but due to the colour, I have the opportunity to switch off the noise in the room and immerse myself into poor writing, paparazzi pics of celebrity world, and catch up on this diet and that diet and any other new crazy health kick that’s now the “best thing EVER!”.

The girls at my hairdressers were chatting about how earlier in the week a rep from label.m, which is one of my favourite hair brands, came in to give them update on new products and what you can do with them.  It made me think that I’ve changed a couple of my hair products lately and I’ve not told my Loved by Lizzi readers about them.

Earlier in the year, I went to Oxford Fashion Week, and Front Row ticket holders got a goody bag; in there were some hair samples from Schwarzkopf.   And for once instead of putting these samples in a cupboard and forgetting all about them, I just got on and used them.  

Well, this led to me changing a two year+ routine and investing in some new hair products, that I am now loving, every day.

So here’s a mix of some favourite oldies and a few newbies that you might want to consider trying…

label.m Thickening Cream

I’ve discovered I cannot live without this product.  I have fine hair and this basically thickens the roots, you need to apply heat as this activates it, so you can’t just leave it to dry on its own.  I ran out of this product and thought to myself that I can wait a week or two before buying more, after about day 5 I was pulling my hair out and did a detour to my hairdressers to buy some more.  

label.m Protein Spray

Now for those of us who blow dry a lot we need to protect from heat damage plus the daily exposure to UV rays – this product is suppose to protect the hair and even out porosity. I found it has also helped with minimising the line you can get on regrowth when you colour your hair, and its for this reason I continue to use it.

Schwarzkopf – OSIS+ Glamination hair spray

Now this is one of the samples I had in the goody bag, I’ve struggled to purchase online so I  bought it via Amazon.  This holds your style and smells gorgeous and I like the glossy finish it gives my hair.  Click here to view on Amazon.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment
Via Amazon it’s £9.75

Again this was another sample.  I used to use Moroccan Oil Light but even the light version could leave my hair looking oily.  This stuff, it doesn’t matter if I overload by accident it doesn’t have that same effect.  I also really love it, as I’ve found it has accelerated the drying time, which means less damage to my hair.  I cannot live now without this one!!  Click here to view on Amazon.

Hair Wax

I’m not brand anything on this, the one above called Fishfingers Wax (I’m sure it’s aimed at teenage boys!) I found in Boots in the “holiday small sample size” section.  A small pot like this will last me about five years!  If you have layers or you want to shape your bob, then I find wax is a good way to finish off your style.  I certainly can see the difference on days when I use to when I don’t.

So if you are using products from old, and fancy trying something new why not have a chat with your hairdresser about what would work for your hair type and stye.  I really love label.m, so if you don’t know where to start, start there!

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