Mango Leopard Print Dress

Yesterday was a fabulous sunny September day and I was at a friend’s wedding with my hubby. It was a glorious day drinking champagne in a beautiful riverside English garden – the bride looked absolutely stunning (as did her new husband) along with all the guests looking super stylish. It was an amazing day, to say the least! (Congratulations to the Newly Weds – they know who they are 😉 !!)

Late Summer weddings can be a tad tricky as you cannot guarantee the weather, so it’s good to have a few back ups just in case the sun doesn’t decide to play ball.

  • Big umbrellas – you can get them now where they are see-through, great to help show off your outfit! Barbour is a good brand to check out for this type. The bigger the umbrella the more your outfit will be covered up to keep you dry.
  • A blazer – I took one yesterday as I thought I might be a tad chilly in the church, but as it happened I didn’t need it, it’s worth taking one or a pashmina, just in case as churches or standing around outside can make you cold.
  • Another pair of shoes – if you do happen to get rained on or it’s a tad muddy when you have to lean in for that group photo on the lawn – then swap them for a back up pair.
  • My biggest tip for any wedding day, is to not get to hung up on wearing something; on the day things don’t always go to plan, so think about alternatives just in case – that way you stay more relaxed and let’s be honest it’s all about the bride anyway!

The dress I bought was not what I originally planned to wear, I was going to wear green – however whilst out shopping with my stylish niece Ellie, we were in Mango and she pointed this dress out to me.  I had just purchased my NEXT Leopard Print dress, so we probably had leopard print still in mind, we both thought it would be nice for the wedding. Within 10 minutes I had tried it on, and knowing I had my white blazer and also we thought the shoes from my Megan Markle piece earlier this year and boom, the whole outfit started to coming together – so I bought it!
The dress is a fabulous price too, so it’s a 10/10 from me!

I also want to mention this little vintage bag – I spotted this on the way to my very early dentist appointment, it was in a charity shop window for £3. I instantly knew it would be perfect for my outfit, so I stayed in town for coffee… waiting for the store to open. That’s when you know it’s the right item to buy!


Leopard print dress

So for those of you heading to a wedding over the next few weeks, with a supposedly Indian Summer looming, I’ve got these babies below that may be worth taking a look at!

MARLING – Wrap front midi dress pale green

WHISTLESEnise Multi Spot Dress

Crocus Grace Flower Satin dress

John Lewis
Somerset by Alice Temperley Carnation Midi Dress, Black Print

Cami Twist Front Dress

Floral Print Cowl Back Midi Dress

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