Black Friday Shopping Tips
Black Friday Shopping Tips: Online or on the Highstreet – these tips still count!

My top tips to help navigate the Black friday Sales; what could seem like a bargain could end up not being worn, try to buy consciously!

Black Friday sales gets quite a negative wrap these days, however if you do your planning right and you are buying consciously it can be the best way to bag that investment bargain for your curated forever pieces.

Black Friday sales I’ve found over the last few years gives more discount than the January sales; I have used it to buy my Ted Baker Camel Coat (circa 2015) that I still own and love, plus my Allsaints Biker Jacket, a jacket that I wanted for over 3 years and then Black Friday (and a few John Lewis birthday vouchers) made it happen!

I hope the tips helps. they are not meant to be a moan at all, I just want you to think about what it is you are spending on and the why… because an item can seem like the biggest bargain but if you don’t wear it, then it’s not worth a penny of your hard earned cash.

Enjoy, have fun and feel free to leave a comment in the post below if you did manage to get a good investment piece at the price that works for you! I always love to hear a good win-win 🙂

Tip 1

What’s your budget?  Plan what you can afford to spend, jot down what you think that might get you or what you are prepared to spend on a specific item, and then try really hard to stick to it.

Any ‘spend’ you anticipated that you didn’t, save it for your next ‘investment’.

Tip 2

Think about the gaps you currently have in your wardrobe; let’s be honest they may not be the most exciting pieces to shout about, however spending more on your basics that you wear day in day out, could be the better place to start rather than that one dress you might where once or twice a year.

Tip 3

Prioritise your list against your budget; this then gives you a starting point to start searching online for the top 3-5 items you should focus on.

I say online, because before you hit the Highstreet, you should always have a good look online and price compare before any shopping spree. Be knowledgeable about the price of what it is you are trying to buy, that way you can compare quickly the quality, fabric, details on the garment, sizing and price – these are all factors in the decision making process.

Tip 4

Try and be Brand loyal – if there is a brand that has your style vibe, you want them to be around in the next 12-18 months, then you also need to invest in them!

Even if this means spending 10-20% more, if you want your favourite brands to keep serving you, then loyalty is the payback.

Tip 5

If you can get it online at a great price, then buy it – I mean why head to the shops if you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Plus there is no guarantees that you will find it in the shops anyway, so save yourself the heartache of not being able to find it.

Tip 6

Be very careful to check the ‘Returns’ policy on sale items. Whether that’s online or in store – it’s not always 28 days and also they do not have to give you your money back, sometimes it’s store credit, which you may not want. It’s your responsibility to check.

Tip 7

We have all been here! (Trust me, even I can get carried away! 😉 )

You may end up buying something spontaneous whilst out shopping, because you thought it was a great buy.  24 hours have passed and now you’re not keen, do any of the following:

  1. Return it immediately and get your money back, if the returns policy allows
  2. Gift it to a friend or family member for this Christmas
  3. Have a go at styling it and wear it a few times, you may change your mind – if not get selling it as preloved



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