What’s your style mantra for 2021? Stylish influencers are sharing their style mantras for 2021, read on to see what they recommend.

I’m pretty sure that as soon as we can start head out, we’ll be as overdressed as they come!

I wanted to share with you ‘style mantras’ from some of the most loveliest and stylish ladies I know on Instagram – they have kindly offered their style wisdom for 2021.

I do hope you enjoy


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Sam Harman – Editor & Stylist

“My style mantra for 2021 is do the things that make you sparkle!”

Having spent almost a year in lockdown, I speak to a lot of women who are in a style rut. We find ourselves pulling on the same old loungewear and it really does impact how you feel.

By getting the foundations of your wardrobe right (good jeans, a shirt, a wear-anywhere dress) and then building in colour, pattern and a bit of sparkle (I’m a lover of all things sequin), you’ll never run out of outfit options. And you’ll feel put together and much more ‘you’ in just a few minutes.




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A post shared by Gina M K (@ginamkstyle)

Gina M K – Styles to inspire

“Rethink the possibilities”

With 2020 throwing us into lockdown, in 2021 we recognise what is possible and where fashion can take us. We CAN and WILL be stylish wherever we are as long as it is a genuine extension of ourselves.

For me, mixing neutral trends in fabulous fabrics (which are mentally soothing) with colourful pieces, is the perfect representation of a more comfortable lifestyle with an energetic desire. Look for possibilities within every situation and always wear what suits your style, shape, state of mind and personality.




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A post shared by The SummerMama (@thesummermama)

Adeline – The SummerMama

“Wear what makes you happy!”

I definitely do not have a signature style. I’m just as happy in a full length flouncy dress as I am in edgy faux leather and chunky boots. Never underestimate the power a good outfit can have on your mood and I feel right now we need that more than ever.

I’m enjoying experimenting with my existing wardrobe & re-wearing some old favourites. Colour & beautiful fabrics are so uplifting. I dress for me, what suits my body and makes me feel happy.




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A post shared by Zanne (@allthingszanne)

Zanne – Model

“Effortless style and comfort”

My Style Manifesto has always been about creating a wardrobe that has classic style pieces that will last me for years to come to create an effortless aesthetic.

However, under the current climate, I’ve realised that my style choices have returned to paired-back, classic, effortless items in a muted palette. I tend to be reaching for the items that have brought me the most joy in the past, are the most versatile and bring a level of comfort in them, like a second skin.

It’s about rediscovering my wardrobe and the classic items it contains. Wearing clothes to lift my mood, help me define my day and maintain my focus. When the days continue to drag on, this is the time to reach for your favourite silk shirt and pair it with fabulous earrings. To wear a bright red lip and full lashes because we need to find the pleasure in the simple things to elevate our days and get that feel good factor.

That’s what the past few months have taught me; when we cannot control our environment, we can control our style choices and as a result, guide our mood. As for the vibrant prints, sequins and dresses, they’ll be waiting for a return to the days when we can feel frivolous again.




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Fazane Fox –  Clothing deigner & Business Owner

‘Buy Less Choose Well…. and just be yourself!”

I believe having a true sense of style is to be yourself and not blindly follow trends – Buying less, and choosing well will help you to achieve this goal.

Buy vintage, search out those exclusive sample sales for one-off pieces and most importantly invest in good quality items that will last you for years to come.

Trends come and go so having good quality items in your wardrobe will allow you to keep bringing them back when it comes around again.

Buying vintage will help to keep fashion sustainable and enable you to stand out from the ‘style’ crowd in pieces no-one else has.

And by being yourself and buying pieces you like and know suit you instead of wearing what everyone else is, will automatically make you feel more comfortable and stylish.




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A post shared by Caroline (@aprincipaloffashion)

Caroline – School Principal & Fashion Lover

‘You are unique!’

It’s easy to be influenced by so many amazing accounts and styles on Instagram and want to buy the same pieces, but it’s important not to lose your individuality or uniqueness in doing so! We are all different with our own qualities, personalities and characteristics and it’s amazing when these are reflected and celebrated through our choices of fashion! 💖  There is only one you!

Dressing during lockdown consists of workwear during the week as usual but the evening wear has been replaced by co-ords and loungewear for which I make no apology! Weekends are for recharging after a busy week at school, for self-care and for comfort so loungewear is perfect but even loungewear can look smart with the right accessories and styling!

As soon as lockdown is over my dresses and heels will be ready and waiting for their first night out in a long time and it will be worth it!




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A post shared by Elena (@stilettotrainers)

Elena – Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger

“Wear what you already have.”

Last year’s favourites are this year’s go to!  We all have clothes in our wardrobe which we love but have hardly been worn.

Well, 2021 is the year to get them out and start experimenting with them.  Let’s try and create new different looks out of a single garment, there’s no point spending money when the future is so uncertain.  Be creative and be more sustainable!



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