Espadrilles are a good place to start

Summer shoes can always feel tricky at times – Invest in these types of summer shoes and you’ll find they work with every summer outfit.

I love summer, I love the heat, the dining alfresco, the lighter evenings… but I actually don’t really enjoy summer styling.

My own personal style lends my creativity to layering, to adding texture, I love coats and leather boots – all of this doesn’t equate to summer (at all!) and so like many ladies, the whole ‘what to wear’ in summer season can feel tedious at times, there are only so many summer dresses to throw on and sliders to slip into before I find myself a tad… bored!

What I have found over the years, is that I enjoy focusing on my accessories; they can dial up or down an outfit quite easily and shoes are a great place to start.

Here are five kinds of summer shoes I’ve included into my summer styling and I’ve not looked back!

The Espadrilles

Summer shoes can always feel tricky at times - Invest in these types of summer shoes and you'll find they work with every summer outfit.
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There are two styles of espadrilles, the enclosed toe with can come in a variety of colours with fabric straps that match the colour of the weave sole or you can get sandal versions like the ones I have on here.

“You need to pick what is right for you.”

Be careful with the fabric straps as they tend to be a little wider and perhaps not so complimentary if you have wider ankles (like me) – I’ve chosen thinner straps to minimise the focus on my ankles

I have a red pair of espadrilles but I found the colour quite limiting, securing them a place in my ‘hardly ever worn’ imagery box. I recommend if you opt for the tradition pair of espadrilles; to pick a neutral colour like beige, black or navy so that it can work with more of your wardrobe.

With my espadrilles, I intentionally opted for metallic gold, that way I knew they would go with everything I own, plus they look fabulous with denim; which I continue to wear a lot in the summer months.

Go as high or as low with the height of them as you can comfortably walk in. Plus, I’ve found that espadrilles make a great alternative to trainers with shorts – it just oozes summer chic.


The Sliders

Tan make a great colour choice for summer – they go with everything!

I could have picked numerous photos of sliders I own, I have them in quilted, plain black, chunky styles and more; however I thought I would showcase the ones I’ve worn the most and have taken on holiday with me several times.

I’ve worn these with swimwear, day trips out, to the park, on fairly long walks and I’ve also worn them out-out when I’ve felt the need to be in flats because of the local foreign pavements.

These tan sliders are old but they have been absolutely spot on for my summer lifestyle!



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monochrome style
Pointed sliders are a great choice for wedding guest outfits

Not everyone wants to get their toes out all summer, plus we all have days where perhaps the colour of our toe nails really doesn’t work with the outfit and then can look a little odd.

“Always good I find to have some simple, yet stylish, pointed sliders (or with an ankle strap).

they still give that summer vibe without having to show off your full foot.”

These can also make a fabulous choice for a wedding guest outfit – the embellishment designs you can now get are endless, they are a great way to jazz up an outfit for a special occasion. You often find them in kitten heel which also helps with wearing them all day and easy to throw off when you finally get on the dance floor.

I wore mine recently to Bicester Village and I felt it finished off the vintage monochrome style of my outfit I wanted for the day.



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The HEELED Sandals

Clearly the most obvious choice for summer. particular for out-out or for the office.

I would challenge you to finding a pair with a pop of colour – sandals can appear quite dull in neutral shades.

I also like them when the straps contribute to the design too, making them far more interesting to look at.

A pop of colour can really transform your outfit.

If you find you are on your feet more, I would recommend considering a block or kitten heel and save the stilettos for party night.

You’ll also find that heeled sandals are a great way to elevate jeans from  casual day look to a fabulous night out – you know me, any tricks that can quickly transform an outfit are my go-to!



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Summer shoes or not?… the Trainers

NIKE women's trainers
Not the most obvious, but so needed!

Not an obvious one for summer and if you were born in the seventies or eighties, I bet your parents told you not to wear trainers because your feet need to breathe (I’m rolling my eyes as I type this) – that along with don’t wear black because you’ll be hot too.

Listen, technology in clothing has moved on considerably over the years and believe it or not, it’s the type of fabric, not the colour that helps your skin to breathe.

Modern living requires a lot of  ‘running around’; be it running errands, keeping up with their children or simply a long walk as part of your commute – the dress with the summer maxi dress is really quite on point!

I have several pairs and I just love my all-white Nike trainers with my favourite colourful summer dresses.



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