5 mins for…

I’ve missed doing these 5 mins for… posts where we have a little catch up on some fun things that are going on in this crazy world.

As always we have the new season to look forward to and get excited about, even if it seems like months away until we actually get to wear them!

Grab a drink, take five minutes out of your busy day and enjoy the snippets I have for you below.

Love Lizzi x

I’ve still not had the chance to go see the Diana exhibition; I’ve heard that it’s really good – I have noticed you need to book in advance unless you go on a quiet week-day. So I’m adding this to my ‘To-Do’ list of places to go once I’m on Christmas break! Read more here.

I’ve been introduced to the world of podcasts in the last couple of weeks; I always thought I didn’t have time for this sort of thing, but I’m using my commute home of an evening to squeeze one or two in of a week. Let’s Discuss are by two lifestyle bloggers in their late twenties, Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice Welburn, talking life, love, work and wellbeing. I’ve really enjoyed quite a few of them, so if you know of any podcasts that you can recommend, please let me know!! I’m on the look out for a new series to try.

I read my first Dan Brown novel over ten years ago whilst travelling around Australia, now I realise there is no connection here at all to fashion or styling by referencing his new book that got released this month. But I only found out yesterday about it and so I’m super excited about this… and just wanted to spread the word! (LOL) – You can buy it here (although I’ve not done that bit yet!).

Now back to the world of glamorous fashion, and Dior – the exhibition in Paris ends on the 7th January 2018. I’m hoping I may make it there in December… So if you want to go, read on here for the info.

Every time I walk into Paperchase these days, I seem to fall in love with every range they have! They are doing some great collections, and I love love love stationery! Their Golden Palace range has a huge mix of products perfect for home or your office, I’m loving these jewellery boxes, a 2-piece set with a butterfly design £18. The range also includes a gorgeous white and gold candle that’s in the shape and design of a birdcage – I think it’s very art deco! Check out the full range here.

Victoria Beckham has got some great activity going on her Instagram to do with her new make up range, so check it out when you have five minutes. 

Since her New York Spring 18 collection, she’s pretty much worn this simple white tee everywhere; well this boyfriend cut t-shirt is now available to buy exclusive from her site for £90, which you can view here. I’m slightly disappointed in VB and her sizing, her size large which is the biggest size you can get, is only a size 12, her ready-to-wear collection should be for everyone, not just the thin!

Erdem and H&M have collaborated on a new collection that is now available to buy, one things for sure it’s not cheap, both a skirt and tweed jacket that I like are around £120; they have shoes and handbags too, along with some lovely jewellery. The collection is not just for the ladies there are some great pieces for men too. Vogue have published a overview of the collection which you can read here.
I couldn’t see the collection on the H&M website, so I think you’ll need to head to flagship stores to buy.

And finally – I would love for you to check out my daily Instagram posts, they are like mini blogs in between my posts on here. Below is a taster of the kind of pictures I post… I would love for you to follow @Lovedbylizzi come join me!

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