10 ways to wear your scarf

One of the best and affordable ways to keep your look updated is investing scarves.

But do you get bored of wearing them the same way?  Why not check out some films on YouTube to get some inspiration on wearing them an alternative way.

This is a great one from Mint Velvet TV, I quite like No. 3 The polo wrap a great one to use with a denim jacket or a fitted suit jacket.  No. 5 The Twist looks great as does No.9 The limitless.

On some devices you may not see the film below, so click here to watch it direct on YouTube.

Primark and Supermarket clothing brands have a vast range of different coloured scarves that you can easily update your wardrobe with.  Depending on the material and colours you choose, you can also use them as pashmina’s on a evening out, especially on those cool summer nights.
If you have a little more money to invest, then why not check out the following:
Seasonal long logo scarf from Biba, available in a variety of colours
House of Fraser

Biba – House of Fraser

Butterfly Print Scarf


Gorgeous Coral scarf, perfect for those who’s colour seasons are Autumn or Spring


Don’t forget, try to wear them a different way….
For those reading this by e-mail, you may have to click here to view the film.

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